4 best free backlink checker tools

The backlink checker tools are what you need when your blog starts getting links and grow every day. It can help you also get an idea about any domain name value to advertise, or simply, to buy it.

The problem is that not all the link checker tools show you all your links, and even, most of them will ask for money to just use their services. In this post, I will help you with the best free backlink explorer tools used by millions of webmasters.

How do I find inbound links to any website

1. SEMruch

SEMrush is the preferred backlink profile analytics and checking software that you can use anytime. The biggest websites in the world use their powerful cloud link verification system to see from what domains a website got links and get all the related details.

You can try this premium tool, free for 7 days and then decide if you’re going to use the paid version or the free one. But if you really want to the best keyword research with competition checker, and backlinks reporting tool, then, choose this one and start discovering hidden data that no other company provides.

With this tool, you can check the quality of backlinks, detect spam links and even you can export toxic backlinks and import them directly into your Google disavow file. That’s a good way to fix bad backlinks that you may not know about, so, Google will nofollow them next time.

The bulk back link analysis lets you import up to 200 URLs or domain and get all their inbound links in one report. Of course, there are options to filter the report and see the exact data you’re looking for with domain authority, trust, etc…

bulk backlink checker

Here is an example of toxic backlinks found on a domain name, there is an option to export them in a CSV file or other:

find toxic backlinks

In addition, there is a feature to find competitors backlinks, their top keywords etc..

example of competitors links

If you like more options, then, there is a keyword difficulty checker and lots of other options.

2. MajesticSeo

Majestic is a powerful tool to check your domain name backlinks and other features like anchor text distribution and more. The best part is that you can get detailed statistics about all domains that link to your blog. You get their trust flow from MajesticSEO, their Alexa traffic, and Page Rank. These are good ways to know the bad links that you should disavow especially if there are thousands of them.

Majestic is an advanced tool that you can use with confidence to see how your blog or website is going with detailed backlink profile. You don’t have to sign up if you want just a few checks. However, it’s better to create a free account that allows you to add your site to your webmaster tool there.

That will help to get the statistics of your links, day by day. To verify your site, you can use your Google plus profile with just a click.

best free backlink checker tool

If you want to check your links directly from your browser, you can download the add-ons for both Google Chrome and Firefox for free.

3. Google Webmaster Tool

I’ve included Google Webmaster Tools for some logical reason. I’ve found that Google detects backlinks, but with some delay. Anyway, you can see your links and what sites are linking to your blog. All you have to do is to log in to your Search Console tool with Google, then, click ”Search Traffic”, and the, ”Links to Your Site”.


You have to use the Google backlink tool because this will give you an idea about how Google sees your links, it’s really important. Google shows you the links to your site by domains, you can see how many links from a single domain. Best of all, this is a free service from the biggest search engine. So, why should you use paid services?

Of course, Google will not show you 100% of your links, but you get the majority of them. If you have thousands of links, you can export that list and download it to your desktop.

4. Ahrefs

This tool is similar to MajesticSEO, but it has its own features. You will notice that ahrefs provide fewer backlinks, but, it gives a clear and beautiful statistics about your blog backlinks and anchor texts. What I don’t like is that they limit your search to a few ones per day.

So, you need to take that into consideration if you need to check thousands of domains. Or simply, upgrade to their paid membership and search what you want without limitations.

Ahrefs is used by thousands of marketers, and they consider it as their favorite tool, they paid their monthly subscription.

Things to know about backlink explorers

It’s really important to take in consideration that you can’t see 100% of your links in. These tools need some time to detect your links and they can’t find all of them. In general, links from high page rank are detected faster than the others. Don’t count your links and find the ones that can hurt your SEO and cause, problems.

Links are important for websites and blogs, as this helps your page ranking. But, please if you’re new to blogging, don’t try to buy backlinks, and just create good content for your readers, links will come naturally, and this is what adds value to your blog. Avoid those spam ways to get links and things will be better for you. I recommend reading the Google Webmaster Guidelines to understand all.

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