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Best blog hosting providers with one-click installer and fast servers

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Blogging becomes one of the most popular interest that makes millions of people serious about starting their own blogs. But, when it comes to web hosting, they find it confusing, and not all the information seems clear for them.

Lots of companies offer low prices, but the server loading time is not good enough. Some others offer hard control panel and you need to do lots of hard jobs and hope it works.

The good news is that there are reliable blog hosting providers that you can use. They offer a one click auto installer software for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and all the other open source applications. Today, I’ll show you the best web hosts for bloggers, based on my experience, their verified business, and more criteria.

Web hosts for bloggers

Before starting your blog, you need to choose what platform to use, and you don’t have to look away, the only blogging platform to use professionally and easily, at the same time is WordPress. It’s the most popular software to use and it’s used by over 70 million sites around the world.

There are thousands of WordPress themes and plugins to install in one click, and you can control the full blog elements and build it exactly as you want.

Of course, there are other software like Joomla, Drupal, and others for e-commerce users. But, WordPress combines all the other tools and lets you use them when you want, by just adding plugins.

For example, you can create a powerful, and a secure blog, and then add a store site to it, or makes it an e-commerce site, and that’s only a few of the potential that WordPress comes with it.

However, if you’re a fan of any other software and you should keep using it, then, the below services offer all of the other blogging and content management systems and you can host with them without any issue. Just select your application from the auto-installer software, and it will be ready instantly.

Now, to host WordPress, you need a fast server. But also, a secure installation with professional customer support that’s available by phone, live chat, and email. So, you can get instant help when you need it.

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1. WP Engine

This is the only fully optimized hosting for WordPress. It’s the number one premium managed WordPress hosting service, and the biggest blogs and companies use their powerful servers.

The average loading time is only 133 milliseconds and that’s a super fast hosting. The secret behind that speed is the custom server optimization, and the first-class hardware and infrastructure.

This hosting uses a custom-made caching system called EverCache that speed up WordPress better than any other environment, and there is no need to use any CDN or caching plugins. All the system is well-configured only and especially, for WordPress.

Because this is a managed hosting, their prices are high, compared to your best blog host sites. But you don’t need any work on your server, an expert will do the work for you. The plugins, themes and blog update will be managed with all the security settings and scanning.

All you have to do is to create posts, articles, and never worry about hosting or settings. These are some features of this great host.

  • the number one fully managed and premium WordPress hosting
  • verified and registered a company in the U.S
  • first-class hosting hardware and software
  • the fastest hosting ever
  • most secure environment
  • CDN and EverCache installed on every server
  • staging area to test the themes and plugins
  • expert customer support
  • 3 data centers across the U.S, UK, and Japan
  • monthly or yearly hosting
  • fast servers
  • daily backups
  • recommended plugins and themes
  • host big sites and brands like Buffer, SOUNDCLOUD, HTC, and more.

2. Inmotion Hosting

This the second recommended shared hosting provider that lots of sites use. They’re the only hosting service that offers a free SSD in all their servers. At the same time, they offer a free domain name with US-based customer support available all the days for the full year.

Unlike other companies, this one creates a free automatic backup of your blog, and you can restore it when you make wrong things.

The Solid State Drives make WordPress loads faster and the best thing is that you don’t have to pay lots of money to get a professional and business class web hosting. There are annular plans with additional add-ons when you need them.

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The greatest feature is the pre-installed WordPress, There is no need to install any installation with this service, just check that option in the signup process, and you will get a fully functional blog and you can start customizing everything, later.

  • the only free SSD hosting
  • cheap plans
  • unlimited disk space
  • U.S. Registered and trusted business with BBB Rating
  • free domain name
  • free blog migration
  • WordPress hosting
  • Joomla hosting
  • Drupal hosting
  • US-based customer support

3. Bluehost

I’ve used this hosting for years and never found an issue. It’s a shared hosting provider at cheap prices and unlimited resources, but, you can also use their optimized WordPress hosting.

They offer a custom VPS hosting for WordPress that comes with extra configurations and settings.

If you want an affordable hosting, but, with fast loading time, you can use them and you will get what you’re looking for. These are some important points for this host. They offer unlimited storage, free domain name, unlimited bandwidth, and of course, they have good customer support.


The above hosting companies offer the best services for any blog software. The security is always updated and the server makes the site loads faster than the other providers. But you need to pick one of them, they’re ranked, based on performance, speed, and professionalism.

There is nothing better than a trusted company that takes care of your site, speed, and security. At the same time, they can help you whenever you need help. Just use one of the available support methods like the phone, it’s better and faster.

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