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10 Best Cheap Blog Hosting Sites: Easy Services with Prossional Support

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Nowadays, millions of people build their own blogs every year. Indeed, the number of blogs that are built every day is estimated by dozens of thousands. That’s a huge growing for applications and software that anyone can use.

With a simple click of the button, a website will be live with content and everything else. The real challenge here is the web hosting, it’s the most important thing to consider, even before building the blog itself.

Today, I’m going to show you the top rated WordPress blog hosting websites. You’ll get all the technical features and the support to host the most popular any blogging platforms, including WordPress, Joomla, or any other.

Web hosting services for Bloggers

Here is the comparison table of the top 10 services. Find the detail below if you want to or just choose the right company that suits your budget.

CompanyMonthly costYearly costPre-installed WordPress
InMotion HostingNot offered$53.88Yes
iPageNot offered$42No
WP Engine$29$290 (2 months free)Yes
Liquid Web$119N/AYes
Fat CowNot offered$49No
SiteGroundOne month trial$47.4No
BluehostNot offered$65.4No

1. InMotion Hosting

This is an easy WordPress web hosting provider with SSD servers and lots of features that everyone loves. For example, they offer a free domain name, and an unlimited bandwidth and also disk space. That means unlimited resources for your blog, and in all cases, you’ll never find issues.

WordPress hosting features

Furthermore, this quality hosting offers a one-click auto-installer software for hundreds of open source applications. Best of all, you don’t have to do any install or complicated settings. Instead of that, all you have to do is to check the WordPress pre-installation option in the final step of signing up. It’s easy, fast, professional and secure at once.

Web hosting features

Pre-installed WordPress

Unlike other blogging hosting providers, this one gives you a ready to use WordPress blog without doing any technical operation. You’ll receive your blog admin area’s login URL with its username and password. So, you can start blogging as soon as in a few minutes or hours in the maximum case.

This is how the blog pre-installation option will look like in the SignUp:

pre-installed blog

Now, when you check that option of Install WordPress, you’ll get it ready.

The free data backup service lets you forget the hard work. That’s because the software creates a copy of your entire website with its files every day. That way, you can restore it anytime you want with one click if you make mistakes for any reason. It’s a secure and safe blog hosting service with low-cost plans.

In the previous article, I’ve talked about the price comparison for WordPress web hosting services. So, you can always use that table to find the differences between this hosting and the others with features and plans.

InMotion Hosting is the right place to host a blog on Linux servers. No matter if it’s WordPress, Drupal or any other application, it’s all about infrastructure with optimized web servers and all that is ready with them.

Also, the hosting company integrates the Google apps for better business and email management. If you already have a blog or a website and want to get it hosted there, the team will transfer the blog for free. It’s a free blog migration service that saves the time and also money.

Amazing customer support

The customer support is always there to assist and help you in every step. So, you can contact them by Phone, live chat, or by email and tickets. It’s a US-basted customer service department, and that means a lot when it comes to web hosting.

The good news is that this amazing blog hosting service offers a huge 56% discount for our readers. So, you’ll get a special offer for your blog hosting and setup with a free domain name by just visiting the InMotion Hosting website now.

2. iPage

The iPage web hosting is the second recommended site to host a personal blog. It’s the cheapest blog hosting service with quality and good customer support. You can start a blog for just $3.25 or $4 as maximum prices for the starter plan. Compared to other hosting services, that’s a very cheap WordPress hosting.

iPage web hosting

3. WP Engine

As its name, this is an exclusive web hosting for WordPress blogs and sites. So, they have fully optimized servers, configured especially, and only for WordPress to work better and faster. The result is blazing fast blogs that no other company can compete with.

That’s why this is the best managed service for blog hosting in the world. However, the quality means sophisticated and powerful infrastructure, and all that needs resources and lots of money to invest.

So, you’ll find their blog hosting prices expensive compared to standard shared hosting. The minimum plan starts from $29 per month for a single site. But that’s the top quality that you can get in the market. If you can pay for that premium hosting, you’ll speed up your blog and protect it naturally with a fully managed hosting.

When you make mistakes, for example, the support team will protect, and even restore your blog for free. It’s their job at the end to manage the server with your plugins and themes for better performance and faster loading time.

4. Liquid Web

This is one of the best fully managed WordPress hosting services, you don’t have to worry about the server configuration and settings. All that will be managed by experts who know what web hosting means.

This is a premium web hosting that costs more, and they offer faster servers. They’re an award winner customer support in the US. Customers get the support instantly, by phone, chat or emails, and there are lots of reviews about this trusted and reliable hosting company.

Their prices are expensive compared to shared hosting services. The reason for that is the quality of their hosting. It’s better and more secure at the same time compared to other inexpensive WordPress hosting services.

5. Interserver

This is another great web hosting service for your WordPress blog. You can host a blog with unlimited traffic and disk space. At the same time, everyone gets a free domain name and all the tools that he needs to build a site the right way. That includes the software to install lots of applications from cPanel, the DNS manager, and also, the tools to manage the blog files and everything else.

This company offers monthly or yearly hosting plans, thus, you can choose to pay per month or from year to year, and even, in multiple years for your blog hosting. They accept PayPal and also credit cards

6. Fat Cow

With this affordable hosting, everyone gets a blog with a free domain name, a free setup, and also great features. Best of all, it’s a green web hosting provider that uses the wind energy to power their data centers.

You get an FTP access as well, and you can upload and download files using any software such FileZilla and the others.

The FatCow hosting pricing starts at $49 per year for their essential packages.

7. GoDaddy

As a beginner, those who need an easy blog hosting will get a great cPanel Linux control panel with all the tools in one place. They get the installation software, the file manager, the security and scan software, and the domain name manager also with much more options.

Another feature is the professional email hosting. It’s included with every hosting plan and you can forward your domain name to Gmail or Yahoo. So, you want to manage everything from one place. They have a professional email hosting service that suits every blog and business needs.

The GoDaddy packages cost $7.99 if you want a monthly hosting or cheaper than that for yearly hosting packages.

8. SiteGround

Of course, as a good PHP, and MySQL hosting, this company has lots of reviews from around the world. The hosting reviews reflect the top quality services that they offer. Also, lots of universities from the USA and other countries are hosting their sites and blog with them.

What makes this host different is the security first. Indeed, they create an account separation and isolation system that prevent any damage to the other sites hosted on the same server. Second, the quality of their hosting is better than a typical shared hosting. The page loading time of your blog will be faster, and you’ll notice better user experience and better Google organic ranking.

This company offers one-month hosting trial for $3.95 but with $14.95 setup fees. So, if you want to go pro, use long period billing terms and save money.

9. DreamHost

With SSD servers and good reputation, this company offers a professional hosting service for blogs and especially WordPress. This host offers a 100% uptime guarantee blog hosting packages. That’s because of their cloud infrastructure that prevents the site from being offline, no matter what the reason is. There are always servers around the word that keep a copy from the site.

There are different types of hosting including:

  • Managed WordPress hosting
  • Cloud VPS servers
  • Dedicated servers

10. Bluehost

It was a great hosting in the last years, but now, their servers’ performance is lower than any time before. However, they still able to host a blog and make it load fast.

The bad news here is that this company doesn’t offer a free blog transfer service. So, if you want to migrate a blog one day, they’ll ask you to pay lots of money for that. In reality, that’s not a good thing for beginners who need the help.

Which hosting is better for your blog?

These are the top quality, and the cheapest blog hosting service providers. With this list of sites, you can host your blog professionally and easily. Then, you can start blogging in minutes and not days. The ranking is clear, the first one is always the best. So, I highly recommend InMotion Hosting for people with a limited hosting budget, and WP Engine, for others who can pay $29 per month for a premium and fully managed hosting.

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