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Best Cheap eCommerce Web Hosting Service with Shopping Cart

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To start an online store or eCommerce website, you need to think about the software that will manage your sales and products. But the real problem is the limited number of web hosting companies that optimize their servers for this application and offer a real fast customer support and other features that everyone needs.

Honestly, I’ve browsed lots of sites, forums, and resources, to find the best service offering eCommerce web hosting, Luckily there is one good hosting that I recommend and it called TMDhosting. It’s a great a cheap web hosting provider that offers a free installation and free domain name for life. Also, they offer fast servers and everything that rockets a website.


Please note, I’m not reviewing this hosting company, what I’m doing is recommending good services with high quality and if I’m writing about this e-commerce hosting company today, that means they proved their good services and it’s a pleasure to host a website with them.

Of course, everything relative in the world and there is not an ideal web hosting that exists actually What we see is only promised and that is it. Unlike many others, TMDHosting that I’ve found with a hard research, offer reliable e-commerce web hosting services. Additionally,  I’ve never seen something similar to their services. Keep reading and you will understand.

When an entrepreneur or a small business owner wants to start a business online, the first thing that he would look for is a good service that secures and protect his/her business and make it accessible to searchers all the time.

That seems natural, but not all the people know how to install any of these shopping cart applications such as MagentoPresta ShopOpen Cart and the others. At the same time, it looks even complicated sometimes to install themes and templates and configure that website for better security and optimized speed.

What surprised me is that this company offers free installation for all these e-commerce software with their themes and add-ons or plugins as the customer needs.

You can read reviews about this good web hosting by visiting the review page on their website. They are real people with their domain names attached. The good news is that they have a strong in-house protection that a few companies uses actually. It’s a firewall and security scanning with full server protection. You can also read these mistakes to avoid when building an online store website.

Complete eCommerce web hosting packages

When I visited this hosting the first time, their design impressed me and I thought it’s just a good look and that’s all. Later, I started searching for some reviews because I want a hosting for a friend that asked me for that many times.

So, What I’ve found is 5-starts in general and that’s what makes me think again about their hosting services. Later I’ve found theta they work professionally and that’s what I recommend them for any e-commerce website.

Free Shopping Cart software installation with updates

As I said earlier, not everyone wants to waste time on software upgrades and solve problems, Luckily, this hosting offers a free installation service for all the popular shopping cart software like Open CartPrestaShop, and all the others.

In the meantime, they install the theme and the plugins or add-ons for free, and that’s based on what you need. Send them an email or call them and they will instantly set up the website and the configuration for free.

When it comes to updates, every website should be updated to still protected from hackers, and that’s what they are doing. They update the software every 12 hours and even if something goes wrong with your settings. Also, they will do the manual updating for free. I’ve never found any other similar web hosting service.

Free domain name forever and website transfer

Other hosting services will never optimize their servers for Shopping Cart software first, and they will charge you for the domain name every year. That’s not the case with this affordable eCommerce hosting.  Indeed, you get your own domain name for free and for life. So, no worries about renewing your domain.

If you have an actual eCommerce website elsewhere, they will transfer it for free with all the files, databases and all. Best of all they migrate sites without downtime and that’s great, especially for websites with a good amount of traffic that they will never lose even in the migration process.

Another good thing is that there are no cancellation fees and contracts like the other hosting companies. You can cancel anytime you want, and they know that you will not leave their services, simply, because it’s the best especially for e-commerce websites.

Automatic daily backups

A website without daily backups in a safe place is not secure and there is no way to restore it if something wrong happens. So, saving your e-commerce website files, and data are necessary and this hosting does that automatically and on a daily basis.

Real customer support

A web hosting company without professional and a good customer support team will never see the light. This company offers fast phone support and, on average, they will respond immediately or in a few minutes if they get lots of calls. The live chat system is always there and you can use it. And of course, they offer email support id you need that. The good thing about their customer support is the professionalism, they employ experienced people with years of hosting work.

The live chat system is always there and you can use it. And of course, they offer email support if you need that. The good thing about their customer support is the professionalism, they employ experienced people with years of e-commerce web hosting work.

Lots of tutorials and videos

This company simply understands that their customers have different technical levels. That’s why they’ve created lots of tutorials with screenshots and over 300 videos. That’s only a big work (other big companies with millions of customers never create a few videos even).  When you need help to install a theme or anything else, visit their tutorials page and find what you’re looking for exactly.

Other features

It’s not the time to list all their hosting features and why they are the best e-commerce hosting service. For naming a few, they offer an SSH access and that’s free, unlimited disk space and bandwidth and a domain protection with shared or private SSL.

Their services support merchant accounts and that’s normal. Also, their servers come with installed, autoresponder that supports email list and unlimited email accounts. For open source software, there is an auto installer for over 200 applications including Shopping cart software and WordPress.

When it comes to mobile devices, this cheap hosting lets you create a mobile version of your websites to look good on any device.

Google Webmaster tools and Analytics setup services

A website without Google search console is something that has problems. The company offers an extra service that’s paid this time, it’s to create your Google search console account and submit your website sitemap to Google for crawling.

At the same time, they will be setting up your Google Analytics account and insert the verification codes and services for all these Google services that everyone needs. If you can do that yourself, then, forget this service. It’s for people and newbies who never find themselves good with advanced technical settings.

Cheap web hosting plans

TMDHosting offers the business eCommerce hosting solutions. At the same time, they have a VPS, Cloud servers and dedicated servers with storm resources. You can visit them one by one if you want. The first is the low cost business web hosting that comes with unlimited resources and with fast loading time.

For more resources and features, they have the cloud hosting packages for eCommerce websites. They offer a scaling option to upgrade or downgrade the cloud hosting resources as you need. As an example, you can visit the

As an example, you can visit the Open Cart cloud hosting page for more detail. If you’re one of the VPS fans, you can browse the VPS  plans and see what is the one that suits your needs. For VPS, they offer free cPanel license and lots of other features.

Also, the company offers powerful and reliable dedicated servers for people who need the maximum power. You will be surprised with their dedicated hosting package with 24 Gigabytes of RAM with lots of storage space and resources. I hope I helped to find the best eCommerce web hosting with shopping cart services, wish you good luck and please add your comments and share what you think.

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