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Best Managed Dedicated Servers Hosting: Liquid Web Hosting Review of 2018

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There are many choices for the dedicated servers and their solutions on the web, but when it comes to reliability and speed, only a few services can be great as you expect. The web hosting industry has become larger than the last couple of years, and new technologies have been added.

However, many companies still using the old hardware and outdated configurations that can affect the server security and speed. In this post, I’ll show you the top rated managed dedicated servers with real reviews and amazing customer support.

Top rated dedicated server provider: the features

For many years, Liquid Web has been doing exceptional hosting services for big companies in the world and especially in the US. They have their own data centers with sophisticated infrastructure and very powerful network speed. It’s the right place to find the best managed dedicated servers, but without worrying about the speed and security.

Unlike the other dedicated server providers, this one offers a 100% network uptime guarantee. That’s thanks to their huge number of servers that can handle any traffic that you need without downtimes at all.

Now, let’s take a look at the Liquid Web managed services by features, and see what makes them different, better, and a highly recommended service.

SSD servers

When I say that they have SSD drives, I mean the speed and the server performance in the first degree. There is no way to have a fast website in these days without strong SSD drives that work well with your server settings.

The SSD sped up the server execution time, as the processor can access the data on the drive 20 times faster than the old hard drives.

Furthermore, you will notice a huge improvement in terms of the loading time, and even, the user experience will be much better. A few seconds in the website loading time can completely change the way that visitors consider your website. So, you need to make them happy and become returning visitors, by just using this instant U.S dedicated server hosting.

If you need a custom-built server, you can use the options and adjust them in the SignUp process. Then, contact the support for more customizations and options to add.

100% server uptime guarantee

Of course, the network uptime is one of the main factors that make a company more productive and lucrative online. Lots of web hosting services offer a large variety of dedicated server solutions, but only a few can offer a 100% uptime guarantee. That needs a strong infrastructure with different data centers across the U.S and also, in other countries.

Best managed dedicated servers

The cloud infrastructure lets the company make a balance between their server resources and the customer’s needs. So, they save multiple copies of the same website, and when a specific server needs a configuration or has a problem, the website will never be affected, as it will be served from other servers like nothing happened.

Super fast servers

The Liquid Web dedicated server solutions are not affected by the number of customer like many other companies. That’s because of the well configured servers and the strong hardware infrastructure that they have.

In other words, as a customer who has a website, you get the same resources, no matter if they have a thousand, or one million customers. Everything was built for the maximum performances and the high availability, independently.

Liquid Web servers system

These high performance dedicated servers have a super fast network speed that support a huge data. Also, the optical fiber and the system architecture result in a faster loading time for all the hosted websites.

Fully protected and monitored servers

There is no way to stay safe and continue managing your business without a secure server. At many times, big companies have lost their entire data and transactions, because of the low quality security that he server has. That’s why I always recommend Liquid Web as the most secure dedicated server environment and service provider.

Every server has its own protection settings, based on the customer’s needs. Furthermore, their powerful Firewall protects your entire data from any danger. The antivirus scan and clean up your server from every single malicious code that you can imagine.

The best part is that the scan is not the same, as new updates will be applied and added daily to the system, to stay up to date with the latest protection best practices.

Also, Every server has multiple dedicated IP addresses, and each internet connection port is well protected from unwanted accesses.

Great Linux or Windows dedicated servers

It’s not a matter if you want a dedicated Linux server or Windows machines, they have both of them. Just select the right option when you choose your plan, and you can customize everything when you want. Personally, I’ve used their Linux dedicated server hosting and I can’t compare the quality with other services, as it’s much better and more secure.

On the other side, a friend has been using their Windows dedicated servers for years now, and he never found an issue. But please, if you are willing to have your own unmanaged dedicated server, then, avoid installing applications from unknown sources.

As the system will scan and disable them to protect your server from dangerous threats that you can’t notice easily. Just make sure to use the trusted applications only on your machine.

The dedicated server has Xeon processors from Intel for Linux, and the Windows servers comes with powerful AMD processors.

Different server management levels

This reliable dedicated server hosting provider offers different levels of management:

  • Fully managed servers
  • Core managed server
  • Self managed servers

The fully managed dedicated server is highly recommended for companies, and even, for individuals with sensitive data, such as the customer information. The reason for choosing a fully managed servers is not only to save the time and the hard job of managing but also, to let professionals do the work for you.

No one knows the server needs as the Liquid Web technical team. They have all the resources and the knowledge to manage your server 24/7, to make it faster and fully secure at the same time.

Of course, this is a great cPanel dedicated server hosting, as they offer the full cPanel license for free in the fully managed plans. The control panel comes with all the tools that you need, and even more, like the Fantastico auto-installer software, and much more.

Server management

If you need a semi dedicated server, this will be the right place to find it. They offer great services at cheap prices, but with better quality and resources. Even, they have special gaming dedicated servers with custom settings, for a website and application speed that you can’t find in any other place online.

Load balancers

The load balancer is a technology that handles the traffic that the website receives to make it more reliable and available all the time. This is not an option for big websites and commercial companies that sell products online, as the shortest downtime or server fail can impact the sales.

However, if you just have a medium traffic website, the load balancer will be just an option if you need more speed. The default system and the server setup are what you need to have a super fast website loading time.

Sophisticated and fully owned data centers

There is no way to be a professional and fully secure dedicated web hosting company without data centers that are owned at 100%. Luckily, Liquid Web has its own data centers across the United States, and all of them are well protected and have the latest technologies to work smoothly and all the time.

The 3 data centers are located in Michigan and Arizona, and they have the fastest internet connectivity speed in the web hosting industry. Also, every data center has its own power emergency generators and smart batteries for the regular functionality, but also, for the critical cases like natural disasters and so on.

Fully managed dedicated servers

By the way, I’ve never seen any other hosting provider that has the great air conditioning and the humidity control system like this one. The thousands of servers generate heat inside the server processors, and that result failures and bad connectivity. That’s without talking about the processor selection and how they make them even stronger for better performances.

Top rated web hosting customer support

I’ve been using the majority of the well-known dedicated server rental companies, but no one of them can beat the Liquid Web’s customer support. It’s not only a matter of friendly support, but most importantly, the speed of the help and the actions of the agent is what makes the difference.

For example, last time, nearly at midnight, a customer has made a mistake in his server as it was self managed, normally he should wait if it was the case with other companies. But, he got the help is just 7 minutes by phone, and the agent corrected the mistake manually for him.

Liquid Web customer support

That’s why, if you want to buy a dedicated server plan, you should look at the customer support first. It’s what will fix the problems when they happen and make things better.

Another important thing that I should mention in this dedicated servers review is that this powerful hosting offer well-organized, and clear videos tutorials for all the things. Just browse the tutorial by topics, then, choose the one that you want, and you will get the specific answers with step by step tutorials and guides.


Liquid Web is the number one and the recommended managed dedicated server provider. After comparing their services and the security with other companies, the difference is clear, and there is no need to waste your time with other companies. Just choose the right hosting plan that suits your budget and your needs at the same time.

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