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Best Spell Checker Tool for Error-Free English Writing

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When you need to correct spelling and punctuation, you can find some tools online. But none of them works as you want, some tools use poor databases and they skip the majority of mistakes and the result will be nothing in the end. But when it comes to the best spell checker tool, only Grammarly is my recommended software that you can use anywhere.

It’s an academic and professional writing tool used by millions of people from all the education levels. The best part about it is that it checks your spelling errors automatically and let you choose the right correction. Let’s take a look at this powerful online grammar corrector.

A professional spell checker and fixer

Unlike the other software, the Grammarly tool is not for fun, but a professional tool to check your spelling errors in English, and it makes things easy in a few clicks. You don’t need any complicated tool.

All you have to do is creating your account. Then, download the software that will create your web browser extension and that will integrate with Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint, Excel and of course for outlook. This is a tool for everyone without exception, including but not limited to.

  • Professionals
  • Writers
  • Bloggers, no matter if you use WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Blogger or any other platform, the software works on all of them and it integrates on your text editor automatically.
  • Journalist
  • Students and teachers
  • Medical writers
  • Technical writers
  • And all the other use

In addition, Grammarly is the only spell check app that detects errors that Microsoft can’t find, that’s true and you can try it for yourself. The software comes with lots of features and you will be amazed by the quality.

At the mean time, it works for both Windows and Mac computers and there is no need to worry about your operating system if it’s one of these ones.

Spelling checker

  • Contextual spelling that will optimize the suggestion for your exact phrase and paragraph, that way, you get the right suggestion that will mean the same thing as you want.
  • An adaptive checker that will scan hidden mistakes that we all, make all the time like “lie” and “lay”.
  • Powerful phrase suggestions when you have a completely wrong meaning or phrase.
  • Correct over 250 grammar errors.
  • Plagiarism checker.
  • Grammar skills improving.
  • Style mistakes.
  • Sentences structure corrector.
  • Vocabulary enhancement.
  • Microsoft Office add-in.
  • Professional and technical writing checking.

A better way to understand your spelling errors

When it comes to helping yourself understanding your errors. The tools explain what you need to correct and why that’s not correct and of course, you will get contextual suggestions and in one click you can select and correct your errors instantly. The flexible document type selection lets you use the right tools to find and correct errors. You can select one of the following document types.

  • Business
  • General
  • Technical
  • Blog
  • Academic
  • Creative
  • And more…

That way, people can check their texts and documents even if they are technical with detailed nominations. Luckily, this is the only spell fixer tool that has the largest grammar and synonyms database. There is no way to worry about the meaning of a word or if it exists in the database or not.

The software engineers update their tool daily with the latest words and everything is up to date from verbs to words and meaning.

spell check online

Faster spell check

The lightning and fast spell checking take a few seconds and you get the result with suggestions and corrections in different colors. So, that you can understand where you have errors exactly. Furthermore, this English checker corrects your vocabulary and makes sure that all the sentences are right.

On the other hand, the corrector tools scan your paragraphs and find if there is a wrong structure in your phrases. So, you get the right suggestion to correct the problem and that will save lots of time, especially with long articles that take hours to write and edit.

At the same time, there is a powerful punctuation checker finds the smallest missing spaces or wrong punctuations and shows you the exact correction, with one click, things will be corrected instantly.

the software interface

Bonus, a plagiarism tool included

In parallel with the great spell scanner, there is a plagiarism tool that works where you write on the web or locally. With one click, you can see your text originality and it’s a highly recommended tool, especially for people and blogger who receives guest post or articles to publish on their sites. This is the only way to verify the article’s originality and that’s an easy task for your software.

Of course, you have to run a simple test for every document you write and that can help looking professional with people you’re working with them. Checking your documents for grammar and also spelling errors can be easy if you use this software, but the same process can be hard and complicated when you use other tools that are useless.

It never slows down your laptop

I’ve tested many applications that slow down my laptop and make things hard to manage, simply because they’re not professionals and that’s why they’ve failed for being real proofreading tools.

Grammarly transformed spelling and grammar check into pleasure. The software checks writing and compare words to detect the spelling mistakes you have.The tool is used for all the popular sites and social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest and all the other places online.

Just start writing and you will notice that the tool integrates automatically on every page and text editor and checks your text instantly and rapidly.

features of the tool

As you can see, this is not a classic spell checking app but, it’s the best and most advanced tool to use online, it integrates with Microsoft Word, Outlook and with every website your write on.

No matter what type of documents you’re writing, the huge database can include all the words and the terms that you write and it can check them for mistakes in a matter of seconds. Additionally, the interface is easy to use and understand, and that what makes the software the best.

You can try Grammarly now and you will be amazed by the quality and the speed of that powerful software. Use it in your documents and in any website when you write and post everything.

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  1. Does this tools provide a 100% accuracy or I should hire a professional to prooferead my work?

    1. Author

      It does the job professinally, as it scans the whole text and suggests the right correction, however, no software on earth can reaplece the human work.

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