Bluehost vs SiteGround: Web Hosting Services Compared

There are many web hosting providers that you can trust and use. But, what about things like speed, uptime, and customer support? There is no way to start an online business without a good server configuration and a secure and strong setup. For that reason, I’ll compare the Bluehost and SiteGround hosting services to find the right choice. These are two of the most popular services for years, and it will be better to use user reviews to get a real result.

Bluehost compared to SiteGround

Website loading time

In terms of speed, SiteGround is faster, without a doubt. They have an optimized infrastructure with SSD servers. That doesn’t mean that the Bluehost shared servers are bad, but their server response time is slower than SiteGround.

For that reason, bloggers will notice a significant change in performance when they move from one hosting to another.

There are thousands of SiteGround WordPress reviews that you can find online, and the majority of them recommend SiteGround as the best hosting for WordPress.

Bluehost as a company has different hosting plans for WordPress, even though they have optimized WordPress hosting. However, the company has no faster servers as expected from a premium service.

On the other side, you’ll notice the blazing fast loading time for your website with SiteGround, it’s not only faster, but smoother and more secure.

SiteGround vs. Bluehost in the Uptime

Uptime is always a controversial topic in the web hosting industry, some people think that a 100% uptime is the solution, but they forget that every server needs maintenance and configuration from time to time.

The others believe that a 99% uptime is good for them as they consider the time needed to keep the server fast and secure.

Nowadays, there is no issue with the uptime when it’s in the 99.9% limit. That way, you still get affordable and reliable service when you compare the price and the site speed, but also, you also get a guarantee if the uptime is not the one you should get for any reason.

In my own test, the SiteGround uptime is near 99.999%, and that’s amazing and a real solution for every website or blog. On the other side, the Bluehost uptime is not that good as they have issues from time to time, and downtimes happened many times and affected the whole data center. So, SiteGround is the winner again here.

Customer support

This is a huge difference between the two web hosting providers, Bluehost has the larger infrastructure, but they have average customer support. It’s so far from the SiteGround customer support that’s amazing and faster also.

So, you can count on SiteGround as they have better customer support with friendly conversations, and you’ll get an instant answer by phone call. The best thing about SiteGround is that they offer phone support, live chat support, and tickets with a faster response time.

Bluehost vs. Siteground on prices

The cost of the shared web hosting for both companies is the same, So, you can choose the one that suits your needs for speed and reliability and not based on prices. The dedicated plans and the VPS of SiteGround come with more features at the same price.

Website migration services

This is an important feature, especially for beginners who want to move their existing blogs or sites to one of the above companies.

SiteGround offers a free migration service for all customers, and that saves a lot of time and money. Unfortunately, Bluehost doesn’t offer free migration, but an expensive service that costs $99 for a simple website transfer.

Other features of Bluehost and  SiteGround

Bluehost offers the enhanced cPanel control panel, which is a little confusing for those who like the standard control panel. SiteGround offers an easy-to-use control panel with clear icons and easy-to-use tools.

For example, you can use the WordPress auto-installer application to install WordPress in a matter of seconds without the need for any complicated tools.

Bluehost is now owned by the same group as other web hosting services with lots of issues and downtimes, while SiteGround is different with its own innovation and sophisticated infrastructure. In terms of trust, SiteGround is the number one hosting provider for universities, and that means a lot these days.

Furthermore, SiteGround offers complete website security tools that start from website isolation to malware scanning and cleaning tools that work automatically.

Both companies offer web hosting solutions for WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Prestashop, and hundreds of other open-source applications. But, in my own experience, the SiteGround optimized hosting is better, more secure, and more stable than the Bluehost servers.

The SiteGround Super-cacher tool makes any WordPress website faster with a powerful caching system and configuration that you can’t find anywhere else.

Also, the CDN makes things better as it optimizes the traffic for faster page loading time and better server performance.

The SiteGround control panel comes with a WordPress staging area tool, it lets you test your website theme or plugins without affecting the real site that’s live.

That way, you test, and then, you can make the changes live. The WordPress auto-updater tool will secure your website naturally by applying the latest security precautions.

The daily backups, make your website secure, and even, if you make mistakes, you still have the backup. It lets you restore the site with a few clicks and without the need for any additional fees, like the case with other sites.

Both companies offer a free domain name, and that’s not a problem these days, as you can get your own domain name for only a few dollars. It’s recommended to get your domain name from domain providers and not your own hosting service.

Bluehost vs. SiteGround: The Winner

The two companies have thousands of reviews and feedback from different countries, but after reviewing each hosting service and trust, SiteGround is better than Bluehost.

That’s the result of real experience with both companies, and no one can tell you the truth if he never tried them before. So, make sure to choose the right hosting plan that suits your website needs and your business budget, then, things will work well.

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