How to boost your online store sales on weekend and holidays

Building an online business takes time, effort, and lots of hard work. No one can succeed online without days and nights of real work, planning, and innovation. On the other side, to keep your customers happy, you can offer the best quality in services and products to win the competition.

When it’s the time for holidays and even weekends, the number of sales can decrease depending on days and the months. That’s because of the decrease in the number of web searches and online visits to your website or online store.

The good news is that you can take back the number of sales and even increase the profit during holidays and even the weekend days. Just follow the following tips and take your business to the next level.

9 tips and ways to increase your eCommerce sales

1. Offer discounts

It’s not a secret that when you offer a special discount, you’ll increase the chances of more sales easily. Even a 10% discount offer can make the difference for serious shoppers. Indeed, there are many ways to implement your offer on your website. If you’re using WordPress for example, use Opt-in Monster and you’ll get professional and well-optimized designs to use.

2. Take advantage of your list

This is the easiest way to boost sales during weekends. Just create a weekly campaign with a special offer, discount, or even a gift. Then, your email provider will send the email to your entire list every week. But be careful with that, you can destroy your list when you do it the wrong way. So, don’t spam your email subscribers and be creative instead.

You can offer free membership, service, or product to those who tell their friends about your website for example.

You can give them a special link and you can track the click and the subscribers who bring more people to your site. It’s just a simple marketing example, your imagination is the limit, but keep things professional and helpful for your readers or customers.

3. Offer a free shipping

Believe it or not, when you offer free shipping, new customers will buy your products. That’s valid especially with expensive shipping that buyers will avoid with cheap products. You can tell your customers about the free shipping offer on the homepage of your website.

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Also, you can highlight the offer with one or many products as you need. But, I recommend making the shipping fee for all your products. That way, you give customers a reason to buy the product especially if it’s a limited-time offer.

4. Offer rewards for bulk orders

When someone buys multiple products, he can be rewarded with a special thank you gift. That can be a great ebook or service that costs money normally.

So, when you tell your customers about the reward, you’ll encourage them to buy a second or a third product because they need them first and because they want your gift that will be free. Thus, you help them get their best products and you’ll give them a great gift in return.

5. Offer free products

This is a true power of marketing that can take your business revenue to the next level if you do it properly. Be generous and offer something good that people love and want at the same time. You can offer a free product from your own online store for everyone who buys a product. So, he gets one for free that way.

Or, you can offer a premium ebook or guide for everyone who buys a product. Even, you can collaborate with a membership website and offer free membership for those who make a purchase on your website. Think that way and use the same strategy that made millions of dollars for many companies in the US and also Worldwide.

6. Make your best product or service featured

If you think a product is not getting the number of sales you want, make it featured on your homepage. Your website can help with that as it increases the number of views of that product and so, the number of sales will increase also. So, select a good product or service, add a special highlight, and put it in front of your visitors’ eyes.

7. Use real customer reviews

Now, it’s time to show the last customer reviews of the week. Also, you can contact happy customers and ask them to share their reviews and testimonials with others on your website. So, add the latest reviews to your product’s page and make them clear. Additionally, it’s a good idea to ask for video testimonials, that’s the way that brings more sales and attracts more visitors.

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8. Offer free gift and build your email list

When you build your email list, you’ll increase the number of buyers. But when you offer a free gift, things will be much better. In reality, you’ll encourage your readers to sign-up for your newsletter or offers for example. Then, you can promote your products that right way without spamming.

So, keep it simple, offer a free gift in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter. The gift can be a website example, a plugin, ebooks, or any other product or service.

9. Optimize your landing pages for mobile devices

This is what lots of marketers and business owners neglect. A simple landing page can look good on desktops, but what about smartphones and tablets. Statistics show that mobile devices surpassed desktops for the first time for web searches.

That means you should keep your eyes on those millions of mobile searches every day. Instead of focusing on desktop users only, build a mobile-optimized version of your landing page and site. That way, you

There is a great way to do that, just use InstaBuilder. It’s a well know tool for WordPress and HTML websites to build high-quality landing pages. But the best part is that these landing pages will be optimized for mobile devices and desktops as well.

That way, you avoid losing visitors from mobile devices who find your page ugly. A simple error in your website layout can affect the number of clicks, and sales in the end.


These are the easiest ways you can do to overcome the challenges of selling on weekends and holidays. Follow them and apply them carefully and you’ll get good results. If you’ve something to add or share, I welcome your comment below.

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