tips to choose and register a domain name

Tips to Choose and Register a Domain Name for your Website

Before to start creating your blog, or website, you should first, start searching for the best and relevant domain name that will help to rank your blog posts later. Your domain name is not your site web address only, but, it’s your brand and business. To make sure that you register the best domain name, you … Read this

Percentage of Internet Content for Users by Language

Percentage of Internet Content for Users by Language

What percentage of the Internet is in English? And what are the most used languages on the WEB? I did the research for you and you don’t have to calculate. So, I’ll show you the Internet content by language usage with other details. Bloggers and webmasters, and online businesses in general, need some useful information … Read this

How to start your own blog and make money

How to Start your Own Blog on WordPress and Make Money

Starting a new blog and especially for beginners is not an easy task to do. At the same time, it’s not hard if you follow some tips and tutorials to build and protect your site from the first day. Then, you can start creating posts and articles and building your audience and things will be better … Read this

Top 10 Unanswerable Questions on the Internet

Top 10 Unanswerable Questions on the Internet

Billions of people are asking questions, every day, they use the internet to find answers. But sometimes, they can’t find a clear or definitive answer to some questions, simply because those questions are hard to answer. Or, nobody will give you an answer 100% True and with proof. The search engine Ask published in 2010 a … Read this

Set your preferred domain name in Google Search Console

How Set a Preferred Domain Name in Google Search Console

Your domain name is the first thing that you need to set up, before creating your blog or site. That will affect your indexed pages if you forget to configure it. Your website domain has two versions www.yourdomain.comand without the (www). People forget sometimes that Google will index their pages for different domains, this … Read this