GoDaddy WordPress hosting review

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Review: My Personal Experience

GoDaddy started offering a so-called fully managed WordPress hosting service in the last couple of months. Everything looks attractive for many beginners who want an easy way to build a website. But later, when they see the facts in-depth, everything will look different and not the same as they want. In this post, I’ll share my own … Read this

Managed WordPress hosting scammers

Stay Away from Managed WordPress Hosting Scammers

When WordPress started gaining popularity, millions of people created blogs and sites every year. Now, It’s the most loved and SEO-friendly software to create sites. For that reason, companies followed WordPress’s fast-growing success, and they optimized their servers for that application. The problem here is that lots of people joined the new business, and they can do … Read this

Uploading WordPress ZIP Files to VPS

How to Upload WordPress ZIP Files to VPS and Extract them

If you have a VPS and you want to move your WordPress site or any other application, you will find it a time-consuming process without the cPanel. The reason is simple, you need to use a slow FTP client like Filezilla that takes a long time to upload a single file. The good news is … Read this

Top Cheapest VPS Hosting Providers: Quality and Fast Services

When the website starts receiving good traffic, it becomes critical to think about the speed and that’s why the virtual private server is the next step in web hosting. It lets you guarantee the resources and that has a direct impact on the loading time without risk and limitations. However, To find a cheap VPS hosting … Read this

best cheap WordPress web hosts

Best Cheap WordPress Hosting Services

Choosing the best hosting for WordPress sites is not as easy as it looks like. You need to consider lots of things to make a balance between your budget and your website needs. Today, you should be able to find the best and cheap WordPress hosting service for a blog or any kind of website. … Read this

InMotion Hosting vs Dreamhost

InMotion Hosting vs Dreamhost

When you want to choose a good hosting company for your website, you need to starts comparing what you get from each provider, and then conclude a final answer, based on your needs and budget. But, many times, things become a little confusing, especially, with companies that are popular and with thousands of reviews. In … Read this