How to Find Someone's Phone Number

Top Services to Search Someone’s Phone Number

In many cases, people find themselves in the need to search for personal information about a person. That can be done to help themselves by knowing with whom they work or to search their old friends or missed connections. Of course, there are a few tools to use to search for people online. But please … Read this

Best Screen Capture Software

Best Screenshot Software For Mac and Windows

There are lots of tools and applications to record your screen with video or screenshots. But, when it comes to the best screenshot software, only Snagit can work perfectly for both, Windows and Mac machines. It’s a powerful desktop recorder with a high-quality image editing tool, that you can’t find anywhere else. In this post, I’ll show … Read this

Best GPS tracker devices and applications for kids

Best GPS tracking devices and applications for kids

Tracking children’s activities to protect them from predators and unwanted activities can take some time. But, when you use one of the popular and the trusted tracking devices or applications, you will be able to save lots of time and money. I’ve selected the below list to help you select the best GPS tracking device … Read this

windows registry cleaner tools

Best registry cleaner and optimization tools for Windows

When you need to clean your laptop or desktop from registry errors and make it faster with the maximum performance and speed, you will find lots of software to use for Windows. However, not all these Tools works really well, some of them will partially fix registry errors. However, you can also find the top … Read this

Best software to clean up your Mac hard drive

Best software to clean up your Mac hard drive

When you forget to clean up your Mac hard drive over time, things will be poorly optimized, and you will notice a big delay in the system boot, and many problems with speed and performance, and even, privacy. Luckily, there is a professional cleanup for Mac. It’s a software to speed up your laptop or … Read this

Deleting a single website Cookies in Firefox

How to Delete Cookies for a Specific Website in Firefox

In many cases, you will find yourself in the need to disable tracking or to delete some cookies that websites use to track your browser. The default option in Firefox, lets you disable that option and work in private mode without tracking. However, if you want to remove specific set cookies to solve a problem … Read this