How to Open the Google Search Links in New Tab

How to Open the Google Search Links in New Tab or Window

The Google search page results offer the best user experience available for its fast, and easy navigation. But, we all search for lots of things online, and sometimes we want to stay on the first page, and click all its results one by one, without using the “back” tool. Or even, without copy and paste links or … Read this

Dropbox Error (403)

Error (403) in Dropbox When you Login: How to Fix the Problem

Dropbox is one of the top cloud storage service providers trusted by millions of people and companies. However, it seems that their website has issues with most browsers and especially with Google Chrome and Firefox. The famous Error (403) stops users to log in to their accounts and manage their files. The big problem is that when … Read this

How to unsend an email in Gmail after 30 seconds

How to Unsend an Email in Gmail after a Few Moments

We all use Gmail and sometimes we regret lots of spelling or errors in the emails, and we can’t get them back to correct the problem. Luckily, Google added an option that lets you unsend emails in Gmail, after a few moments, and actually, the maximum is 10 seconds by default. However, we will make it 30 … Read this

Best Online Courses for Programming

Best Online Courses for Programming

Nowadays, you can find thousands of online courses in all the topics, from HTML and web design to Java and PHP. But, what makes some of these courses amazing and featured is their high quality and professionalism. I’ve found the best of the best online courses in programming and I’ll share them in this post. … Read this

How to Know if a Website is Safe to Buy from

How to Know if a Website is Safe to Buy from: Simple Verification Steps

With millions of products and websites, it becomes a challenge to be safe, and the biggest problem is to make an online payment secure without risks. Unfortunately, people still make the same mistake again and never make a simple investigation before making a purchase on a new website that they don’t know. Today you’ll learn how to … Read this

Is Alexa average load time correct

Is Alexa Average Load Time Correct?

Most, if not all bloggers install the famous Alexa toolbar in their browsers to test their blogs and sites, and to put eyes on page loading time. But, is Alexa toolbar the ideal tool for page speed? For now, the tool is used essentially to find the site traffic. This is the first function that … Read this