Best Way to Sell WordPress Themes

Best Way to Sell WordPress Themes

After designing your WordPress theme you will find yourself in a big challenge that you never expected before. Selling a WordPress theme is the final step, but it’s not easier than creating the theme itself. There are many ways to choose and promote your product. But, the best way to sell WordPress themes is to … Read this

Best WordPress Membership Plugins

Best WordPress Membership Plugins for Building Subscription-Based Sites

Today, I’ll show you the highest-rated and best WordPress membership plugins that you need. Just pick up the best one for your project. If you are running a membership website using WordPress or want to create a new one, then you already know that you need to install a good plugin. That protects your site, and makes it … Read this

Importing WordPress database in phpMyAdmin

How to Import WordPress Database in phpMyAdmin

If you ‘re in the process of migrating your blog to a new hosting, or want to clean your actual server and start from the beginning, your big problem is how to import the WordPress database in PHPMyAdmin. It’s one of the methods to import your blog database, but it’s the best and the easiest … Read this

Why does wordpress load so slowly

Why Does WordPress Load So Slowly and How to Make it Faster?

If you’ve noticed that your blog loads slowly and you can’t compare it to other fast sites, don’t worry. Generally, the problem can be fixed easily if you investigate and find why does WordPress loads so slowly. You need to make your blog load fast for many reasons, including, the visitor experience. If you have a … Read this

Read this before hiring SEO companies

Best WordPress Plugin for SEO: Optimize your Content for Search Engines

In the latest post, we talked about how to write your first blog post in WordPress. So, you know exactly the basics to create good content without problems. Today, I’ll show you the best WordPress plugins for SEO, this will optimize your posts and images for search engines and visitors. Before everything, please note that SEO … Read this