Change Font Colors in Wordpress

How to Change Font Colors and Size in WordPress

The majority if not all the modern themes come with a font editor, where you can change the font colors in WordPress, and much more. But sometimes, you can’t really find a solution to edit the font and make it relevant to your theme and layout. This is a critical situation, especially, for people who … Read this

How to secure the WordPress login page

How to Secure the WordPress Login Page in Simple Steps

If you have a new blog and you haven’t searched for security solutions yet, you should do it right now. Hackers are developing their skills to access your admin panel and make you out of the game. I know that there are good hackers who do something good, but, there are bad others who try … Read this

How to optimize WordPress images for speed in simple steps

How to Optimize WordPress Images for Speed in Simple Steps

One of the best ways to accelerate your website and help readers to visit it again is to optimize images in WordPress. It’s not a hard task to do, just follow the below simple steps. Today, I’ll talk about how to optimize your WordPress site images, using simple methods and a plugin that you can … Read this

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

How to Fix the WordPress White Screen of Death

The WordPress white screen of death is one of the common issues that people ask to solve. You’re not the only person who finds this problem and browsed forums to find how to fix it. It’s similar errors with the database connection and much more. But first, why you get that white page when trying … Read this

can't upload images in Wordpress

Can’t Upload Images in WordPress? Solve the Problem Now

One of the most common problems in WordPress (as any other platform) is to get error messages when trying to upload images. This is a big challenge for starters who can’t find a quick solution. So, I’ll show why you can’t upload images in WordPress, and how to solve these problems easily and directly from … Read this

unable to Access Wordpress dashboard after changing Url

Can’t Access WordPress Admin After Changing URL? Here is the Fix

If you’ve tried to edit your WordPress blog setting page under the “General Setting”, and now you can’t access your WordPress admin after changing the URL, by adding or deleting the “www”, then, this is a natural error, and we’ll solve it in one minute. But, why do you get that error, and why can’t you login … Read this