Hardening WordPress with htaccess

Hardening WordPress with htaccess for a Blog Protection

To secure your WordPress blog, you don’t have to search for thousands of things. All you have to do is to ask yourself how people can get access to your blog from an external source. There, you will find the easiest ways to access your blog from the “uploads” file and the PHP folders and files. In … Read this

How to Use FileZilla with WordPress

How to Use FileZilla with WordPress to Upload or Download Files

WordPress is the most advanced platform to create blogs and websites. It allows you to share your content easily and upload your files including images, files, and more with a single click. But, sometimes you need an FTP client to access your blog and, add, delete, or even, edit what you want. Today, I’ll show you how … Read this

solve wordpress content directory plugin install

Unable to Locate WordPress Content Directory (wp-content) Problem Fix

If you’re moving your WordPress blog to another hosting company, you may find some errors when installing plugins or updating your existing plugins. The most popular error message will look like the following one. Unable to locate WordPress Content directory(wp-content). Or, in other cases, depending on your WordPress version and settings, it can look like … Read this

How to scan WordPress plugins and themes for malware

How to Scan WordPress Plugins and Themes for Malware and Viruses

To protect your WordPress site from potentially malicious codes and viruses, you need to verify each plugin before installing it. This can be done by installing the most rated ones, but once you have the problem, it’s too late to protect yourself. Today, I’ll show you how to scan WordPress for malware using simple and free … Read this

Hide WordPress Theme Name from the Source

Hide WordPress Theme Name from the Source Code

In many cases, WordPress users want to hide their theme name from the source code that anyone can get in their browsers. At the same, they should remove or change the theme directory and info, to ensure the total security and protection from hackers and spammers. But also, that’s useful to make sure the clients don’t … Read this

How to enable HTTP loopback connections in cPanel

How to Enable HTTP Loopback Connections in cPanel for WordPress

The WordPress community offers lots of helpful guides and tutorials, to solve problems with HTTP Loopback or (Endless Ping) that lots of plugins and web hosting settings use. However, when newbies find themselves without options to add or enable that setting, they simply contact their web hosting company for support. The problem here is that some companies … Read this