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Make Easy Affiliate Marketing Income with VigLink in 2019

If you’ve some experience with affiliate business, you already know the basics to succeed and to develop your content, based on tips and strategies. All that seems good for everyone, but, what if you can monetize your full website, even, without placing a single link? That’s the great way to earn good income from your blog.

Forget all the old ways that look ugly such as banner ads and so on. The only case to use such monetization methods is when you have thousands of visits every day, and that’s not easy to achieve.

The good news is that you can use a simple method that convert all your outgoing links that are not already not monetized, and you will earn a commission as any normal affiliate marketing. But, this time, without wasting your time managing thousands of links, and monitoring them.

How does VigLink work?

VigLink is simple but, effective at the same time,  it’s a large network that works with thousands of merchants and retailers from around the world. You don’t need to apply to each one of these thousands of programs, everything works automatically.

If you have a WordPress website, you have to install a plugin. That tool will scan your posts and find keywords or terms that can generate a good revenue, when people click on them. The plugin gets your account ID and adds your affiliate links after the page has been loaded.

Of course, you can control the maximum number of links for each page, and there is no way to worry about that.

VigLink is not any affiliate network, it’s one of the trusted sources to make money with them. They earn a simple commission and give publishers the large part of every generated commission.

By the way, they offer better earnings than big companies. And that’s because of the power of their platform that works with thousands of affiliates, just like you.

The commission depending on the merchant prices, and how they want to promote their products and get sales. Every company that works there has affiliate managers who work with bloggers and website owners, to find good solutions that suit the needs of both sides.

Take this simple example, think about how many times you’ve talked about ”iPhone” in your blog or forum, then, imagine if the plugin adds an affiliate link to all these words.

That will generate sales in the long-term, and you will get money from products that you just mention and not promote. That’s the real power of this new affiliate marketing business.

Take a look at the below example from their website, that shows how the links will look like in your posts.

Affiliate Marketing Made Easy

As you can see, you can continue talking about things that you love, and enjoy writing about them. At the same time, you earn commissions when people click a link and buy the products or the service.

The tracking code will maximize your revenue, and you still earn commissions, even, if people visit the page and buy the product after days or weeks.

The difference with any other affiliate network

If you have a long list of programs that you already promote, you can convert all of them to the new network. The plugin lets you choose to monetize unlinked keywords, or to generate new links for the existing affiliate links.

I recommend the first one, just give them a try, if you get good results, compare their commissions with your old affiliate accounts and decide, based on that comparison to use the second method or not.

The main feature that really makes the difference is the power of automation. If you want to apply for all these programs individually, that will need months, and hope that you will be approved by all of them. But, even, if you have a small blog with little targeted traffic, you can join that network and start making money.

When you login to your account after the sign up, click ”Install” from the main menu, and you will get the code. But also, the plugins and extensions for every platform like WordPress, Blogger, and the others. If you want to verify the code and that everything works, use the installation box, and paste your post URL there. The crawler will visit your post and search for the link they’ve generated.

Tips to succeed

I recommend VigLink for beginners and bloggers who just started their websites. They will make money even, without being expert affiliates. When you start building your blog content, you still have a powerful tool that generates sales.

The more visits your blog receives, the more probability to make sales. Please make sure to use a few links per page, and never go crazy with that. A few links that are helpful and in the right place will perform better, and readers will love your clean content.

This program makes things easy, webmasters don’t have to worry about programs and managing their links. Instead of that, they can create articles, posts, and any other content that people enjoy reading. Then they let links works automatically for them.

No matter if you’re using WordPress or any other platform. You can copy and paste the code that contains your affiliate ID, and then, focus on your content and not the links.

Don’t limit yourself talking about a specific product in your posts. Just let things come naturally and that will help making better results. There are big brands that work with this trusted affiliate network and they already paid millions of dollars to their affiliates.

The best thing is that you can monetize your social accounts like Twitter and Facebook. Every time you share a link through their platforms, your affiliate ID will be added, and that’s what no other network offers.

As I said, this is a good way to monetize any type of website. However, I recommend to keep testing your earnings and make a few changes to find the ideal way that works better. Don’t think about money if you have great content, it will bring sales naturally when you create your free VigLink account today.

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