Facebook Watch Videos Live Streaming Service

Facebook Watch: Videos Live Streaming Service to Compete with YouTube

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Facebook is the biggest social network in the world has nothing to do in the beginning with live streaming and hosting long versions of videos and shows. But over time, the company started testing, trying and looking for ways to engage their 2 billion users even more. So, the Facebook team introduced their own internal search engine and also the live chat system in the past.

What’s Facebook Shows?

Now, Facebook launched its own hosted live streaming service for videos, shows with the latest episodes and similar functionalities and features to the famous YouTube.

Exactly as YouTube, the Facebook shows let you create your own videos, upload them to your own channels and let the world watch it. The shows, watching system comes with interactive and social features like commenting, sharing, liking and even more in the future.

At this time, the Facebook Watch service is not open for everyone, it’s in the testing phase and will be fully public in the near future in the US.

Facebook makes it easy for the user to watch what his friends are already watching and likes, so, yes, it’s like YouTube where you can see features Videos, the most liked shows, and similar features.

Facebook Watch: New Videos Live Streaming Service

There is also a Watch watch list, so, you can get a clear idea about what you watched and what you will watch full shows without missing a single episode.

You can monetize your shows

According to the Facebook representatives, anyone will be able to create his own Facebook shows channel to streamline shows and episode faster and easier. In addition, there will be a smart monetization system, so, the channel owner can make money with his videos using the Ad Breaks system they tested the last year.

The same way that people can make money with YouTube, now, they can make money with Facebook videos, using the videos live streaming service is easier and not complicated at all.

Facebook Ad Breaks is in beta testing now, it works like this, when someone watches your shows, he will get a short video displayed instead of the original video or something similar depending on the time settings and the video duration. The video will be played automatically and optimized for quality as the episode itself. So, here, there is nothing to worry about except your video details and quality.

What about the infrastructure?

Facebook is one of the top 3 highest traffic websites in the world, so, it needs exceptional and huge resources to server users and business around the clock. Having a few data centers won’t work anymore, so, they company invested lots of money in building a custom data center with their own optimizations and battery systems and configurations.

Facebook has the biggest data center in parallel with Google, and they build even bigger data centers across the US, Europe and other countries that no one could imagine before. So, in terms of investment, Facebook puts a lot of money in adding more servers across the globe to host the videos, shows and optimize them for better quality and compression for faster loading time.

If you tried the new Facebook watch service, let us know and share your experience in the comment section below.

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