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Fastest Web Hosting Companies for WordPress and Apps

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Are you looking for the fastest web hosting companies for WordPress and all the other applications? And you need optimized servers with SSD storage and caching systems? So, here are the best web hosts that work faster and offer better quality services.

Lots of web hosts spend millions on advertising campaigns to attract more customers, and professional bloggers won’t easily sign up for their hosting plans without verifying that what they get is a real fast WordPress hosting. So, for that reason, I’ll help you with this list of the best WordPress web host with super fast loading time, optimized servers and great customer support.

First, let me tell you that I’ve found a few reviews for web hosting companies with fake information. Many people are promoting very slow web hosting providers that no one needs. So, be careful when you read them, now, let’s find which hosting is faster for WordPress blogs.

Fastest web hosting services

1. WP Engine (fully managed)

This is one of the fastest web hosting companies, WP Engine, is not only a premium provider but also, with popular clients. Did you know that the company hosts Buffer? They have a daily backup service, and you don’t need to pay for the backup services and plugin or themes optimization.

The server response time is around 133 ms and that’s amazing in today’s web hosting solutions. Every second count and every delay in the seer response time affects the Google crawling rate for your site.

This quality optimized WordPress hosting will backup all your blog files every day, and you can restore it with one click. They have one of the best Firewall protection solutions for WordPress blogs. Also, they have a database malware scanning with complete virus protection.

WP Engine is one of the top rated web hosts that will protect your blog against online threats. If they find any problem, they will fix it for free, even, if it needs hours of work. They are simply doing everything to make their clients happy.

WP Engine prices

Additionally, you don’ need to pay for CDN services, You have the choice to host your blog in the US, UK or Japan, this is what the content delivery network is doing in general. But, there, you get it for free. The WP Engine prices start at $29 per month and it’s worth the investment in your site security and optimization.

2. Liquid Web (fully managed and the fastest web hosting)

It’s the fastest managed WordPress hosting service in the world, with fully optimized VPS and 100% uptime guarantee for dedicated servers, the company provides superior quality blog hosting that you can find anywhere else.

These are some of their features

  • No limits on page views
  • Enterprise-level web servers
  • Choose cPanel or the management dashboard (better)
  • Image compression
  • The fastest speed
  • Scalable plans
  • Recommended for agencies, small business owners, and freelancers

In addition to their quality hosting, Liquid Web has professional customer assistance by phone and more options.For speed and performances, I tested their WordPress managed VPS hosting and it’s just amazing. With 2 GB of RAM, I got faster server response time than WP Engine. So, if you have a big project, then, using this super fast WordPress hosting will be your best choice.

3. StudioPress sites

This is one of the fastest hosting solutions specialized 100% in WordPress. They fully manage and host WordPress to make it the fastest as possible. Honestly, I’ve found this company through a friend, then I decided to find more reviews about them.

Web pages with big images will load in less than one second in general. It depends on your settings and plugins used such as WP Total Cash and other configurations. But, keep in mind that your blog is hosted on a private server. This will give more resources and faster page loading time at higher cost.

You have exclusive options and tools that you will not find anywhere. For example, you will get an advanced keyword and social media research tool. At the same time, your blog will be hosted by one of the strongest and most secure companies.

Never worry about hacks. No need to install plugins or buying security subscriptions. They protect your blog, and even if you make big mistakes with settings, they would try their best to correct that for free.

StudioPress of CopyBlogger owns this secure web hosting company. They will optimize your Genesis theme if you want. You have exclusive options that you cannot find anywhere. Additionally, their website Sensor will take care of your blog uptime.

Their prices start at $24 per month for one domain with professional VPS. If you ask me what rating will I give to Web Synthesis, I will vote 5/5 without hesitating.

4. Flywheel

It’s similar to WP Engine, but with specific customizations and server configurations. Flywheel, is a recommended managed hosting for WordPress optimized hosting that’s fully managed and secure, and they’re in the top 10 list of the fastest servers.

Unlike the other companies on this list, this one offers a reseller hosting service for optimized WordPress servers. So, you can use it if you have a web design company or similar business and offer customized and quality hosting to your customers.

In terms of speed, Flywheel is super fast, but not faster than WP Engine (above). However, I highly recommend Flywheel for small size blogs, it’s the one of the cheapest managed WordPress hosting providers, for only $15 per month, you get a premium hosting for your site with 5000 monthly visits and free SSL certificate. Instead of paying higher for hosting plans you don’t need, use this one and pay $15 per WordPress install.


Unlike WP Engine, Flywheel is cheaper and also cost-effective, in addition, you pay for what you use as server resources and that’s awesome. Also, Flywheel, has a daily backup, malware monitoring, super caching system and also professional customer support.

5. InMotion Hosting (fastest web hosting on shared servers)

InMotion is one of the most reliable business web hosting providers, with fast loading time. Furthermore, is a registered hosting business with optimized infrastructure and SSD web servers. So, you can host a small or big website without any issue.

The hosting plans are cheaper compared to others and they offer unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and a free domain name for all their new customers.

For quality, InMotion is recommended for WordPress sites with a limited budget, the uptime is good and the customer support department works 24/7. In addition, you can get assistance by phone or live chat.

WordPress optimized hosting

This WordPress optimized hosting uses SSD storage to give your site the maximum speed at low prices. Also, the company offers great VPS plans for bloggers and small business owners with real resources. That way, the virtual private server will ensure that your site still loads fast, even, if their servers receive high traffic.

This web host offers a special discount for WordPress users, they get $3.49 per month with free domain and lots of tools.

On the other side, I highly recommend installing a caching plugin with any shared hosting, next, use an image optimization plugin and avoid uploading large size photos.

6. Interserver (Fastest cheap cloud hosting)

This is a fast web hosting company for all kinds of websites. It’s a well-known for its shared hosting services, however, they offer a reliable WordPress hosting. It’s 5 times faster than their regular hosting and comes with scalable bandwidth solution. That means, if your site receives extra traffic that you didn’t expect, the web host lets you adjust the traffic to handle the spikes.

With good uptime and optimized web servers, WordPress gets what a PHP and MySQL software needs.

Unlike WP Engine, this fast WordPress hosting package doesn’t restrict any of the WordPress plugins and themes. Better than all that, there is no limit on bandwidth and disk space usage as the company is one of the largest cloud hosting providers.

After the latest server upgrades, InterServer becomes one of the best companies with fast server response time. They offer control panel and easy file management interface for your blog.

For server acceleration, the web host has different caching solutions like Memcached, Varnish and of course PHP OPCache. The monthly prices for a WordPress hosting plan is $8 and that’s a saving.


As you can see, I limited the list to a few services, but, they are the most trusted and offer blazingly fast web hosting for your WordPress blog. I don’t want to give you a general list with limited resources. Everyone knows HostGator and others, but, they are not the best for professional business.

There are other companies, but with different services and performances. Now, if you want the best cost-effective web host of this list, I’d recommend WP Engine without a doubt, it’s the number one WordPress host that’s not expensive for small business.

These are the fastest web hosting companies for WordPress, make sure you use the first one, it’s the best option. Have you tried any other company?

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