How to Find a Phone Number by the Person’s Name, Email, or Username

Is there any way to find someone’s phone number by name, email, username, or other details? And what to do to locate these contact details through the Internet?

The Internet is full of information and contact details, but when it comes to finding people’s phone numbers online, that could take less or more time depending on the search method you prefer to use.

So, sometimes in a minute or two, you can view cell phone numbers, landlines, and other details. Other times, the search will take hours in the hope to find that single mobile number that’s hidden somewhere on websites, blogs, or social media profiles.

So, in this guide, I’ll show you the best ways you can use in 2023 to figure out a person’s cell phone number or their landline contact details, if they have any. In addition, I’ll make sure that you get most of the search through the best techniques that work for free and others for advanced search.

7 ways to find a person’s phone number

To figure out a person’s phone number, use the method that works best for you. The first option here works faster than others. But when you don’t even know the name of the guy or the girl, then it’s recommended to use multiple search ways to collect as many details as you can about them before finding their numbers online. Whether you’re looking for phone numbers of individuals or businesses in the US, use the following options.

1. Finding phone number by name

When you know the full name of the person, the search will be easy because that’s what most people use these days to find phone numbers. So, what you can do here is type the name of that person in a background search tool like these people search tools, then, let the system search for you. When it builds the search report, you can access contact details such as cell phone number, email, and other information if found.

Google is also a good search engine to find someone’s phone number using their name and for free. So start by typing the first plus last name of the person, then add words like “phone” or “number”. Next, look through the search result pages and see if there is any mention of that exact name and read that information. People could be using websites or profiles to add their contact information, and it’s not that hard to find mobile numbers online.

Another advantage of this search technique is that it lets you find the new cell phone numbers when the system detects them. So, even if people have changed their old numbers a long time ago, this method can trace them online and may show you their new numbers that are up to date. Even more, if you have someone’s old phone number, you can find the new cell number through it.

2. Search numbers by email

This is how you can get someone’s phone number by their email address. First, verify that you have the correct Gmail, or Yahoo address of the person you want to find. Then, remember that there are different reverse email lookup tools online that can help you to find the mobile phone number behind that email address. So, only use the tools that you trust, like the first one above, because many of the other sites are full of spam and useless information.

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Reverse email lookup is like doing an online background search about someone. Consequently, you’ll get a report that may include all the phone numbers behind that email and also other details such as social media profiles and more. However, not all the tools work the same. Some of them provide more personal details and contact numbers than others.

As a result, it’s not always guaranteed to find the correct phone numbers if you’re not sure about the quality of that search engine.

For that reason, if you don’t have any good sites you used in the past, then, google can probably be helpful here. Just type that email address and see if the search engine has details about it or not.

Here is another search trick that can help you to find someone’s cell phone number when you know their Gmail address. First, search for their email in your inbox to know if you already have an old email or not, then, check their message to see if there is a signature at the bottom of their email.

Here is an example of a cell phone number I found by searching someone’s email on Gmail.

Finding a cell number through Gmail

If you don’t know that person and what you have about them as information is only their email, and you want to find their number, you still have this powerful search option. Just write them a message and send it by email asking questions or suggesting things.

Then, if they choose to reply, there could be a signature in their email that contains contact details such as WhatsApp, phone number, etc…This is a very useful way to find business phone numbers because these people know that contact details are so powerful, and they make sure to include them as an email signature.

Compared to searching someone’s phone number by name or email, username lookup with Social Catfish can be somehow tricky for many. That’s because they don’t know where to start and what sites or tools they should use to locate that hidden cell phone number that a person owns. However, finding someone’s phone number through their username is more accurate, especially when that man or lady has a unique username that no other person uses online.

reverse username search

In other words, if someone is using a username that is hard to find, like a specific name, then chances are you have more chances to find that person’s number online.

Now, when it comes to searching mobile numbers by username, there are many search tools, but only a few of them have secure search pages and trusted services. So, make sure you use a good site that lets you check someone’s number by their name and city. In addition, you may prefer searching using other details like name, etc…

4. Getting someone’s number with his photos

Photo recognition technology and reverse search with Social Catfish work well for people who want to find contact details through pictures. So, go ahead and start with sites like TinEye, it’s completely free, and you can upload the picture of the person, then let the site search and then show you the list of web pages where that picture is. Next, look at the details and see if there is any mention of phone numbers.

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reverse photo search

Google also offers one of the best search engines for images. It works well, but because you don’t have the option to filter the results, you’ll need to browse multiple pages. Thus, try this if no other search option provides you with the number of that person; searching for his photos online may help you to get their contact details.

Because finding phone numbers through social media works well, here are the most popular sites to use. So, keep in mind that many websites like Facebook can block search engine crawling, and that means a big number of profiles and the details there are kept hidden from being indexed in Google.

That’s why this direct phone number search technique comes into place. If someone is enabling the privacy settings under their Facebook profile or other accounts, it won’t be possible to find the contact number without logging into the site.


Finding someone’s cell phone number should be easy with LinkedIn in most cases. That’s because people who sign up for Linkedin want to connect with others in their industry or field. Moreover, users add contact numbers and email under their profile details. Thus, it’s not a waste of time if you try LinkedIn to search for people’s phone numbers there. Best of all, the site allows users to search by name, keywords, and locations and add more filters.

That being said, even if LinkedIn is recommended for finding someone’s phone number free of charge, missing friends or people you lost contact with for a long time are probably on other social media sites.

They could also change their real name or use different nicknames you don’t recognize. Because of that, you should tweak the names you search for, and by adding the city or the state they live in, that could exclude the wrong profiles you don’t need.


If there is a website that knows about billions of people and their contact details, it would be Facebook without a doubt. It’s the biggest social network, and searching the site directly can provide you with the cell phone number of your friend or someone else using their name.

Finding someone’s phone number on Facebook can work for many. So login to your account first, then type the first name plus the last name of that guy. After that, validate the search, and from the filter options, choose “People” but if that makes no difference, remove that filter by choosing “All”. That way, Facebook will show you nearly everything they know about that person’s name.

Also, by just typing the first name only, Facebook can show you their profile. You have to click on the “about” section to see if they have any phone numbers there.

Finding people numbers through Facebook

Once you’re in the about section of the Facebook profile, click on “Contact and Basic Info”, that’s where you can find their phone number if they have any, of course.

Example of a phone number found

You may also try Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, as these search options are helpful, especially when the person you want to find his phone number is using Youtube and owns a channel there.

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The reason is that social media influencers who look for business inquiries always add contact numbers and email under their Youtube channel information or Twitter details if that’s needed. So, if you know that the person already has a channel on Youtube or other social profiles, then visit that page. Otherwise, search Google for his full name and type “YouTube” at the end of the search query.

6. Search engines

When we talk about search engines, we mainly focus on Google, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. Google is much better and bigger with huge databases and data centers, but even with Bing, you have other options to find anyone’s phone number for free.

You can combine all the above techniques into one and then, use Google search and type the name of that person followed by phone number or mobile. Next, change that name with a username or nicknames you know about them.

To search better, see where that person is living, and type the name of that city after his name. That’s useful, and when you know the country, add it to the search phrase. The more you tell Google about the person you want to find his number, the better it will filter out information that’s not related to them.

I remember when I searched for someone’s name on Google to find a PDF page indexed with all of his mobile numbers and address. That’s because when you are precise in search, you get most of the algorithm filters.

7. Google Maps

This should work if you need to find a business’s phone number. Google Maps or also Bing maps can help with that. Just type the exact name of the company or the business name, and you’ll find the address with contact numbers. In addition, you can type the name of a representative or manager behind that business into Google Maps, and you may get all of their public phone contacts, including mobile and landline numbers.

Searching for business phone number on Maps

Now, because Google maps will use your location to search for that number, you should verify that the business you search for is located in your city or country. Otherwise, it’s better to type the name of the representative followed by the name of the city where they’re, to avoid seeing other details in different locations.


Finding someone’s phone number online needs some basic details and information about people or businesses. When you try a search option, double-check the information you type and carefully read the search report.

Sometimes, people find contact details, and they think that what they see is the cell number of someone they searched for. Later they notice that what they typed as their name or username was wrong, and because of that, I recommend verifying every piece of information you search with.

Thousands of users on social media can share the same name, and without filtering these profiles, it won’t be that easy to get the correct phone numbers you searched for. So, try these techniques, and if you want to recommend another option, add it to your comment below.

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