How to Find Your Facebook Friends on Snapchat?

When you want to find a Facebook friend on Snapchat, you have multiple search options. That’s because you can do that with the social network itself and outside the website. So, here is what you can do to locate the person you’re friends with on Facebook in your newly created or existing Snap account.

Before starting, I want to mention that people can use other usernames and secondary phone numbers on multiple social networks.

If you know any of these details about your friend you searched for, you may not find that directly. That’s because the person behind it has changed that. Luckily, there is always a way to find that changed username or contact details and get their exact profile on Snapchat if that’s applicable, of course.

Adding existing Facebook friends on Snapchat

1. Reserve lookup their username

If you want to locate someone you know on the instant messaging app, Instagram, Kik, or even Skype and all the mix of social media and texting apps, then you’ll need this. In fact, Lots of users on social media have the same username. So, when you search for them with Social Catfish or other social finder tools, you’ll see the profile details.

But, this is not going to be all the way possible directly on the Snap app. So, first, you need to copy and paste the exact person’s username into the search tool. Then, validate and wait a few moments. By using this trick, you should save lots of time and effort trying to search for your friend that you used to chat with on Facebook on other websites and social apps.

Unlike what Facebook does with Instagram, which is its own messaging app, for Snapchat, it’s a different story. In fact, there is no way to directly import your Facebook contacts into the app. Even if there is an option to add friends, there is no guarantee to see all your Facebook friends list on the instant messaging platform.

The best thing about this solution is that no matter if the person you searched for has an account on the app or not, you are still able to check their other social accounts simultaneously. That includes their secret Facebook profiles, Instagram or TikTok. From these additional profiles, you may discover extra usernames that your friend hides and you don’t know about, so search with that.

The Snap app has a username search option. But unfortunately, it’s not that powerful because many users will register through a different username. So, give it a try and see if there is anyone from your Facebook friends list with an account on other messaging apps after using the reverse username search option.

2. Find them by phone number

If the username is not working in locating people on the app through their contact details on Facebook or other sites, then you have another good detail to use, which is the cell phone number. But there is no guarantee that this will work for everyone you have on your Facebook list of friends.

That’s because many users do not allow search engines, including the advanced ones, to crawl their Facebook profiles and extract their contact details. Even more, some of your Facebook friends will use different contact numbers and usernames for Instagram. That means that finding someone’s exact Snapchat will be tricky for manual search.

The Snap app has a built-in feature that lets users find their friends from the contact list. So, it works by uploading all your list of contacts. Next, let the app show you if there is any number who has an account. To do that, follow these easy steps:

  • Click on your Snapchat profile icon
  • Find “Add Friends” from the menu
  • Click on “All contacts
  • Finally, click the “+Add

If you don’t see your friend’s account on the app using their cell number, try to reverse-lookup that with an advanced program such as the first solution above. It can find hidden social media profiles from the user’s mobile number and not just from their Facebook username.

3. Find them by name

When the username makes no difference in searching for people online, you can search for your friend’s full name on Google or the equivalent search engine. But there is a way to do that on the app directly:

  • First, click on the search icon (magnifier) from the top of the screen
  • Type your friend’s first and last name
  • Click on the +Add

If that person has an account, you’ll see it on the list.

There is also a chance to search and find your old Facebook friends on the app. You can do that by spending some time searching Google for their basic information. If you know, for example, where the friend works or studies, you may try to search for his full name and place of work, address, or whatever information you have. That could uncover some of their hidden usernames on social sites.

4. Use Google Search

You won’t believe this until you use it. In reality, Google crawls and indexes social profiles if they’re public. So, if your friend has no private account on Snapchat, you still have the possibility to locate them with a simple Google search. Just type your friend’s full name into the app’s search box and see the results.

Alternatively, if you know one of that person’s usernames on Facebook, for example, type that same username next to the URL like the following example.
Finding a Snap user on Google

The only issue with this type of search is that when that user has no photo or details, you won’t easily tell whether that’s their account or not. So, it may take some time to verify that the profile is associated with your phone’s name.

5. Searching for them by email

When people register their accounts on the Snap app, the site will ask for fast account creation based on their existing Facebook accounts. That will import the user’s email exactly as username and mobile number. Then, the app system saves that information on their servers.

I don’t think that reversing-lookup your friend’s email address on the app will work, nor does that mean the contrary. If you found your friend’s email on their Facebook page details, use that and search. If there is any associated profile, you’ll get it using the search option on the site.

That being said, the first search solution on this page comes with an advanced reverse email lookup. That’s just like using the username, phone number, or the full name of the person. So, type that email address in the search box and see if there is any hidden social media account behind it, including Snapchat.

To find the Facebook list of contacts on the number one instant messaging platform, users can import the list of numbers into the new account. However, if that doesn’t work, there is the username search option.

If that also makes no difference, you have to try searching for that friend’s name or username on the app directly. Or use a paid search tool that combines different database sources into one. So, you may see these Facebook contacts on the app but with different usernames or mobile numbers.


These are the most recommended ways to add your existing Facebook friends on the Snapchat app. Some people use the direct import method inside the app system. Hence, it won’t work for everyone. That’s why trying all the above search techniques is highly recommended if you really want to connect the list of your Facebook contacts to the messaging app.

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