How to Geo-Target a Specific Page for Bing Search

The Geo-targeting function in search engines become a powerful way to rank well in local searches. Local SEO is not hard if you follow the basic optimizations, such as good content, and natural links. But, when it comes to Bing, it’s the second search engine that allows you to Geo-target a single web page for a specific county.

So, you will boost your ranking easily, when you tell Bing that your post or page is talking about something that interests that specific region only.

Geo-target your posts with Bing

Bing offers a complete Geo-targeting tool that allows bloggers and site owners to tell the search engine about the country that your domain, directory, or page talks about. So, you can target a category, and even, a single blog post.

All you need is to have a Bing webmaster tools account. It’s free as the Google one. After creating your account, log in, then, click on “Configure My Site” from the top left menu, as the below screenshot. Then, find “Geo-Targeting” and click on it.

How to Geo target a specefic page for Bing Search

Next, you get the configuration page, in this step, you need to add the page URL, and select the desired location from the drop-down menu. Finally, save the changes by clicking “Submit”.

Bing Geo targeting tool

Also, you can target the full website domain name, but, this feature is only needed if you only work for one country. The page targeting is not a guarantee to rank your page better, the quality comes first, and then, you will boost your ranking if you target it to the right location. So, this option can help websites with real content, and without spam.

The best thing is that you can target as many pages as you need. For example, if you’re writing a post about “how to get a job in Japan”, then make Japan, your target locations for that post. Or, if you’re writing about how to fix a problem in Seoul, then, make the post for South Korea, and so on.

The main goal that Bing and Google offer the Geotargeting feature is to allow webmasters to have the flexibility in targeting their pages for many countries. That will help the search engine algorithms to understand your content better, and of course, index it in the right location.

On the other side, it’s not recommended to target every post in your blog, if you write about general topics. People can find your site from different countries, and you need more traffic.

I found that e-commerce websites with blogs can be the real winner of this function. They can write a blog post bout a specific product that interests people in one country, they get a better ranking SERP for that post, and that’s what brings more sales.

Please avoid using any technique that you find from so-called SEO gurus, in many cases, they just use spam and low-quality pages. That can help in a very short period, but later, the full website will be penalized by Google.

That’s what you don’t need, instead, offer something good, share it with people (if you can). The results will be natural links from people who find your post or page from organic search.

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