How Do You Make Money with a Blog: Different Monetization Ways

The website or blog monetization is the most important element of the strategy to succeed online, and stand up from the others. You can’t spend hours writing articles without making the money that can help you in return, to create more content and help people solving their problems.

If you want to monetize your content, then, you have lots of options, each one is completely different from the others. But, what you have to do, is selecting the right method that can monetize your website without making it looks spam. A successful blog should offer good content with some advertisements and looks clean and professional at the same time. Now, let’s see how to make money with your own website.

Top website monetization methods

1. Affiliate Marketing

This is the most profitable method to monetize a blog without making your visitors want to leave your pages simply because they see lots of ugly banners. You should focus on content first, create what helps your readers and make them happy, then recommend products or services in your posts, and add your affiliate link there.

People want to learn more about products and they need honest reviews before buying. So, you can be their own advisor, if they trust you once, they will come regularly to your blog, to find more reviews and information about other products.

Please remember that you don’t have to add your links dozens of times per article. That will make your blog look spam and only made for money-making. Make it clean and attractive with just two links of the same product as a maximum. Put the first ad or link at the beginning of the content, and put the second in the end when people understand the whole idea.

Make sure also to recommend products that you trust and be honest with yourself and your readers. We are all wanting to make money, but we should recommend what is really with value and makes people happy. Make some investigation about the product that you want to promote, and search for scam reports about it. Thus, you offer good content and you build trust with your readers and this is what will make you, sales in the future.

If you ask me about affiliate networks that I recommend, then, I will say, ShareASale first, it’s a popular affiliate network for real and digital products, and thousands of website owners and bloggers use their network to earn real income.

The best part about them is the trust, forget scammers and low-quality products, all you get is real physical products from all categories that you need, and digital things like themes or services with high quality and long career.

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Second, I will recommend reading my post about premium affiliate networks to make money with quality programs where you can find 3 of the best networks, join them and select the right product that you want to promote. Now, you’ve learned how to monetize your blog and make money, but only from one method. let’s see the others.

2. Advertising Networks

This method works well for websites with huge traffic and thousands of daily visitors. But, the question is, how to get ads on your website and make money?

You can earn a real income if you select the right network, in general, people trust Google Adsense for their high cost per click, but your website should meet their requirements, you need to have a website that talks about new ideas, and things that you can find easily in the net.

It was easy to apply and get approved for blogs, but it becomes hard these days to get accepted, even, if you have high-quality content, simply because they have thousands of blogs on the same topics and they have enough sites for many markets.


Blogging and money-making websites will find it hard to get accepted in their network, but you have to try for yourself, just use your Google account and add your website URL and some information, and the bots will crawl your web pages in the next hours to approve or reject your application.

If you get accepted into Adsense, then there is no minimum and maximum earnings per click, sometimes you get $0.1 per click, and others you can earn $120 per single click if you’re a very lucky person, but expect a few clicks with high cost.

Please remember that you should keep your site clean, and not putting ads where you can, what give results is the right location to place your ads and not the quantity, two good placed banners per page can bring better results than 7 similar ads placed without any logic. You can learn how to optimize your Adsense earnings directly from their learning center. Follow their tips and you will get better results.

Adsense is the biggest ad network, but there are lots of other advertising networks that you can join. Of course, you will get different results depending on your website traffic, and content. But, you have to apply for their application if you can’t use Adsense for any reason.

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With online advertising networks, you can also use the cost per mile networks, Infolinks is one of those programs with thousands of advertisers. They have an easy approval process, but you need big traffic to make good results, even if they say that they share 70% of the profit with you, their advertisers pay cents, this is why you will make nothing with low traffic.

3. Direct Advertising service

If you have lots of traffic, then, you can easily create an “Advertise here” page, where interested people can see some of your data, such as, monthly estimated traffic, visitors by country, and what you want, then offer them a direct way to buy ad spaces on your website.

That can be done through a great premium advertising plugin such as Oiopublisher, it comes with a ready PayPal payment system and other advanced features. In other words, you let advertisers buy, upload, and set their ads, your only work is approving them.

With direct ads, you will keep all your earnings without a third-party seller, you only pay the plugin’s price once, and then sell your ads and keep 100% of your revenue.

4. Shortening links Services

This is not the same method that regular advertising networks use, you get simply paid for every click on your short links. They have advertisers who want their ads to appear before proceeding to the real destination, if you have good traffic with lots of outgoing links on your pages, then this method will work well for you.

5. Sell your own product

If you have an e-book or other product that you can sell directly from your website or blog, then, you will keep 100% of your earnings and make your site looks clean without ads. As I said many times, people are searching for information and that’s what you should offer. If you’re someone with good “programming skills” for example, then, you can create a series of e-books and sell them to your readers. They want to learn and will be ready to buy from you.

Best of all, you can create your own affiliate program and let people promote your products, and share a percentage with them.

In other cases, you can create good WordPress themes and sell them on your website, people are looking for Genesis child themes and you can amaze them with good and professional themes.

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6. Demonstrating your skills in real action

This is an advanced way to monetize a blog without doing anything else, then giving good content with free methods that people can buy from other places. Believe it or not, this method will generate sales if you’re a person with skills that big companies are searching for.

I just want to give a real example of this method to monetize your blog, NEIL PATEL from is writing high-quality content that helps bloggers, webmasters, and company owners in general. You can learn how to monetize a website without ads and other tips.

You will even find some advanced tutorials that no one else will offer for free expecting them, but the goal behind Neil’s blog is big companies who hire him for millions of dollars per year, yes, that’s true and his earnings will be much higher than advertising, best of all, his blog is clean, professional and friendly.

Neil Patel works for companies like Microsoft and Yahoo for their SEO marketing and strategies. He built trust and attract companies directly from search engines. He writes about his passion which is SEO and shares content that people thank him for it always, (by the way, thank Neil for all your hard work).

Now, if you have skills and want to monetize your blog by attracting companies, then, follow Neil’s method, make company owners say, “this man amazed me, I want to hire it” then, other companies will do the same and forget spam monetization ways.


These are the best ways to monetize your website or blog without killing yourself, but remember, you have to be professional with your readers and never place ads where you can or bombard them with offers, just let things look good and helpful.

Make sure to grow your traffic, it’s your only way to make money with your website after all, without traffic you can’t do anything other than wasting your time. So, keep working on good content and think about the right method to monetize your traffic second.

I’ve missed something? I know that I just talked about the best monetization ways, I want to help you without losing control, you can use your email list, but it’s not a guaranteed marketing way if you just to sell things. That needs a long article talking about it, there are also other ways, by you can guarantee the result. Please add your own method in your comment, and thanks for helping.

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