How to change the default username in WordPress

Sometimes, you need to change your default username in WordPress for security reasons, but if you’re a new user, you will find it impossible to do for the first time.

The good news is that you can do that in some minutes, today, I’ll show you how to change the default username in WordPress to protect your blog, and stay safe from people who try to login to your admin area.

Why Changing the default username?

WordPress is one of the best secure blogging platforms, however, your blog can easily be hacked if you don’t care about it using, so you should always protect the login page in WordPress.

By default, WordPress will define “admin” as your username, this is what a hacker really wants because they get the half of your login details. That way you give them for free and without any work the key to generate passwords and login if you’re not using security systems.

So, you need to change your WordPress username to something that you can remember, but, never for the others. Make it complicated even for yourself, you can save it in a safe place.

Steps to Change the username

As I said, WordPress doesn’t allow the admin to change the username, this is really an issue that they should work on it. However, the only way to change the username is by creating another user, and give it administrator access, exactly as your actual role.

Then, you need to delete the old user, but, allocating all his posts to the new one. This is a very important step, or, you will lose your old posts. So allocate them all, to your new user, then, delete the default one.

To make things clear and easy, if you’re a new blogger and want tutorials, look at the below steps to change your username in minutes and protect your Blog.

Login to your WordPress dashboard and click ”Users”, then, ”Add New”.

how to change default username in WordPress

Then add the same information, exactly, as your actual user profile. Copy and paste all details, but use another temporary email.

how to create new user in WordPress

Now, you’ve created a new user with another username that’s different from the default one. And you just need to delete the old user and transfer posts to your new user.

First, remember and save both, your new username and password, then log out from the actual user, and log in again but with the new username.

default username in WordPress

Now you have deleted the old user and created another one as an administrator, with the same profile details. One more step is to change your actual email in your profile, with your old email. Thus, you get your Avatar and all your account functions from your WordPress.com account, especially, if you use plugins like Akismet or Jetpack in general.

This way, you change the old default username with another one, to protect your admin login area. Just keep your details in a safe place, and never send them in any email and in any case.

At the same time, make sure that you have one single author for your blog, or, set the new username that you will use to allocate the old posts to it. It’s a very important step, you should keep the exact author name and details for better SEO.

To go further and protect your website from hackers, you need to use good security plugins, there are thousands of tools that you can find, but only a few plugins are useful when it comes to real security.

Keep things simple and use the minimum number of plugins as you can. Many tools will lose their protection if you add multiple tools with the same function. That can cause interference in functions and that’s what you don’t need.

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