How to Customize CSS in WordPress if it’s not Supported in the Theme

If you have a WordPress theme without the option to add or edit the CSS style, you will find it difficult to customize your theme and edit the appearance. It’s really a challenge if you’re a starter in blogging. In this post, I’ll show you how to customize CSS in WordPress, even, if your theme doesn’t have a CSS option or settings.

The Jetpack by WordPress is a multifunctional Plugin to extend your theme, and add extra functions without the need to edit your the coding.

What’s the JetPack Plugin

It’s a free plugin that you can install in seconds. It comes with lots of functions and it works like one single plugin with 33 others inside it. The best part is that you can activate the functions that you need, and disable all the others.

Every blogger and website owner who use WordPress with basic or old theme, need to install this plugin. It extends your theme and blog functions, at the same time, it’s powerful when it comes to security and spam protection.

The most important function, that you need to use with old and not updated themes is the ”custom CSS”. You can edit your theme appearance without modifying the theme itself. It’s one single function between the others, but, this is what you need to solve your problem with editing and customizing the CSS.

how to customize css in wordpress

Now, you can install the JetPack plugin directly from your WordPress dashboard. Just click ”Plugins” and ”add new”, then you can insert ”JetPack by WordPress.com” in the search box and find it.

If you want to install it manually you can download it from WordPress plugins directory, then, upload it to your blog.

After the activation, you need to connect the plugin with your WordPress.com account. It’s the one that you’ve used for Akismet, if you don’t have one, you can create a free account in WordPress.com (not ”.org”) and just click on ”Connect to WordPress”, you will be taken to the login page, where to enable the account.

Connect JetPack Plugin to WordPress

Edit CSS in JetPack

After installation and activation, your JetPack plugin will be active. To add codes to your CSS file, all you have to do is to click ”Appearance”, then ”Edit CSS” as the below screenshot.

edit CSS

You can add your own CSS code and get the ability to edit your blog appearance without modifying the theme.

How Deactivate functions in JetPack Plugin

It’s really hard for the first time to find a button to deactivate a function that you don’t need in the JetPack. Let’s deactivate the subscription function together:

All you have to do is to click on “Learn More” button as below:

deactivate functions in JetPack

Now you’ll notice that the button ”Configure” will be ”Deactivate” as below:

How to Deactivate Modules in JetPack plugin

It’s all about that hidden button, now, you can activate and deactivate JetPack modules to follow your needs and help you extend your WordPress blog. But remember that if you deactivate this plugin, later you will lose your CSS settings. So, make sure to create a copy of your custom CSS code and save it in other location. Thus, you can backup your CSS anytime you want, even, after uninstalling the plugin.

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