How To Find Out if Someone Has a Secret Instagram Account

The rise of social media platforms got us much closer to our friends, family, and even partners. However, sometimes social media can show us different sides of the people we know. In some cases, these platforms make us feel more disconnected than ever. We feel like we do not even know that person anymore.

What would you do if you found out your husband or wife has a secret Instagram account? Can you even discover somebody’s secret social media account? Well, it is 2023, and everything is possible. Keeping a secret nowadays is not an easy task anymore. 

Finding someone’s secret Instagram accounts

Here are a few search methods that can help you find out if your partner is hiding their Instagram account from you:

Background Search Websites

TruthFinder is a great example of a sophisticated tool that has a huge database. You Can type the name of someone and find out if they have social media accounts you don’t know about. Also, there could be hidden details like contact numbers, photos, etc…

Public records search

Running a background check on someone through the Internet is not new. In the past, people used to hire a private detective to uncover their partner’s doubtful affairs. Today, finding a secret Instagram account does not require all that hassle. You could do a complete background check on your boyfriend or girlfriend from the comfort of your home.

Thanks to the digital age we live in, you will now find numerous online background search sites. They offer fast, painless, and, most importantly, anonymous services. It is like a search engine that is entirely dedicated to finding people and their personal information. Websites like Truthfinder, PeopleFinders, and InstantCheckmate, offer the option of searching for people using their name, email, phone number, or even username. 

In just a minute, you will get most of the information you are looking for. The results will provide you with various details about that person, including their profiles on various social media platforms. Instagram is one of these platforms. Some background search websites can even find hidden social media accounts. This might help you uncover other secret accounts your partner has on Snapchat, Facebook, and other platforms.

Make Use of Search Engines

Google has always been the first go-to method for trying to find anything online. Your boyfriend’s secret Instagram account is no different. If you know exactly what to search for, Google can be your friend. Be aware, though, if you were not specific in your search, the number of results on Google can be overwhelming. 

Searching for someone’s name will bring you all the public online information about them. You need to filter these results. Entering the right search parameters can help a lot. You can write their first and last name followed by the word “Instagram”. This will limit the search results to public Instagram accounts. Here is an example of what to write exactly:

Let’s say your boyfriend’s full name is Bryan Wilson. Then you will write: “Bryan Wilson”. The name can be changed as you want. However, do not change the website domain. 

Search Directly on Instagram

This is one of the fastest methods to find all the Instagram accounts associated with someone’s name. Just open the Instagram application or website and log into your account. Then, enter your wife’s or girlfriend’s name in the Instagram search box. You can search by their full name or username on Instagram. 

These methods might not work if your partner made a secret Instagram account using another name. You might need to do further investigation on Instagram. Check the main Instagram account of your girlfriend and see who they are following and who is following them. Sometimes, people like to link their secondary accounts to their main ones. Do the same thing with the Instagram accounts of their closest friends. Check the profile and pictures of every account you suspect. 

On Instagram, you do not have to search only by usernames or full names. You can also look for people using their phone numbers. Just make sure the number of your partner is saved to your phone’s contact list. Then, open your Instagram profile and tap on the 3-horizontal-line icon at the top right corner of the screen. Select ‘Discover people’ and then choose ‘Connect’ on the ‘Connect contacts’ option. This way, Instagram will search for all the accounts associated with phone numbers on your contact list. 

Instagram Login Page

This trick works if your husband claims he does not have any Instagram accounts associated with his email. First, visit Instagram’s login page. Enter your partner’s email along with any password of your choice. You do not have to get the password right. Even a wrong login attempt can indicate if there are any Instagram accounts linked to the email address

If there is an account associated with your boyfriend’s email, Instagram will indicate that the password is incorrect. Otherwise, you will get a message from Instagram saying that this account does not exist. Be aware, though, the latest versions of Instagram allow users to create different Instagram accounts using the same email. So, there could be a primary Instagram account that you know of and another secret one. In this case, the email address alone will not be enough. 

Check Other Social Media Accounts

Do not stop with your partner’s Instagram account. Check their other social media accounts that you know of. Some additional search tools help a lot. You can just type any name or username, then find out if there is any hidden account on IG behind it.

Maybe you will find hints there about their secret Instagram account. If they have a profile on Twitter or Facebook, it might be linked to their secret Instagram account. So, try to keep an eye on every social media profile you find about them. 

Search by Picture

Some trusted reverse image search solutions like Social Catfish can help with this. Just upload the person’s photo and see if there are hidden accounts on social media networks, including Instagram, behind it.

Making a secret Instagram account can be a way of hiding a person’s real identity or personal information. That is why searching for the account using your partner’s real name or phone number might not work. In some cases, the secret account is made using a different phone number or a fake name. That is why you should try searching by image. 

Open the Google website and choose ‘Search by Image’ or open Click on the camera icon on the search bar. Then upload a picture of your girlfriend and hit search. This powerful tool will help you find the source of the photo. You will not just get results for the exact picture that you have uploaded. Any similar or related photos will also be displayed in the search results. 

You can click on any image to check its URL. If it is a picture from Instagram, you can click on the link and trace the account the picture was posted from. If an Instagram account is not public, all its images will not show on the search engine results. 

Snoop Through Their Phone

This is not the best way to go. But as they say, desperate times call for desperate measures. It all depends on the situation you are in. Sometimes, violating your partner’s private space can lead to more dreadful results. It could break their trust towards you and hurt your relationship. So, try to take a minute and think clearly about the consequences before proceeding.

If you have already made up your mind, here are a few tips on what to look for on your partner’s phone. You can try to open their Instagram application directly and check which account is already logged in. Open their profile page and click on their username at the top-left corner. If they have other Instagram accounts linked to their profile, they will show on that page. 

Another trick is to open their browser and check their last visited sites. If they open their secret Instagram account from the browser, it should show in their history. You can also open their browser and go directly to Instagram’s website. They might have left their secret account open; if not, try to login. 

Once you click on the login box, you will be shown the usernames saved on this device. If you see more than one username option, this indicates there is a secret Instagram account. You can also do the same steps using their laptop. If you want to learn more about that username, make sure you try the above sites, there is a username search option for that.


Finding out that your partner has another Instagram account does not necessarily mean they are cheating. People create multiple Instagram accounts for various reasons. Many of us prefer to separate our professional circles from the social ones. So, your partner might have created another Instagram account for their colleagues at work or clients. 

Sometimes, people also create an Instagram account just to ease login to certain applications or websites. It could also be an old Instagram account that they have created years ago and have forgotten about it. Maybe your husband has lost access to their Instagram account over the years and had to create a new one. This is not uncommon, especially in the early days of social media. 

If you trust your partner, do not surrender to your doubts. Just go and ask them directly if they have another account on Instagram. Ask them what the purpose of this account is. 

Remember, finding out about a secret Instagram account is only half the truth. Use good communication skills to uncover the other half!

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