How to Find out Who is the Owner of a Snapchat Account

Millions of people use social media every day, and when it comes to knowing their real identities, things work differently. On Snapchat, you can find the person’s real name behind the account in different ways. That includes searching using the username and other options.

In this guide, I’ll show you how you can easily find out someone’s real name on Snapchat. On one hand, everything as personal details will be listed in a comprehensive report if you choose the most accurate search option.

On the other hand, if you just want to get the real name of a Snapchat account, then, some methods work but with limitations, and that depends on many factors. In all cases, make sure you have the actual username or photo of the profile at least. That way, you’ll be able to find the basic information to start the search with.

Finding who a Snapchat user belongs to

Here are 5 ways to find someone’s real name on a Snapchat account without being his friend on the app. Some options work better than others. That depends on the popularity of the user’s profile, the settings, and other factors.

All that can limit the personal information that’s publicly available. But that’s not always an issue, as there are sophisticated people search tools like the following one that finds social profiles and data from lots of sources and private databases.

1. Snapchat username reverse lookup

Because Snapchat is not like Facebook, where users can add more about themselves, there should be fewer options to know who is the owner behind a username. But the good news is that you can instantly look up any Snapchat username and find the owner behind it. You can use personal details and even other social media accounts.

Once you choose any of the advanced search systems, you’ll be able to reverse lookup the Snapchat username using the search box and get a full report. That may include his name, home address, mobile numbers, and email address if that’s a public record. It’s not the way that you might use it before. But, it’s the best option to find all the information linked to Snapchat usernames.

Even if a tool like the one I’m talking about does not directly tell you if someone has hidden Snapchat accounts, it can show you all the hidden profiles on other social platforms. By just looking at the newly discovered accounts, you can easily type their hidden username on Google, or directly to the end of the Snapchat URL and see the details.

Here is the data that can be found when searching using someone’s Snapchat profile username.

  • The full name of the person
  • His email address
  • Other social accounts
  • Where he/she lives
  • Phone numbers
  • Photos, etc…

Keep in mind that getting any detail about someone on Snapchat may not work if there is no result about his username. But once the system detects any record of the username, everything will be better. So, you can look at the social media tab that mentions all the other accounts that used that username.

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You may also find who someone is on Snapchat, but without adding them when you use the above button. Many popular sites claim that they offer username reverse lookup for Snapchat accounts. But not all of them work; however, these tools we talk about are trusted and accurate. They may find the person’s real name, age, social media profiles, and even home address.

What makes this strategy the best is that in addition to getting the data of the account owner, you can also see if someone is real on Snapchat or just a fake user. You can achieve that by seeing all of their other hidden profiles if they exist.

2. Use the username on other sites

Here is how to find out who someone is on Snapchat using their username on the site. If someone who has a Snapchat account is not known to you, and you need to see who that username belongs to for free, then this is another search option that can work.

Usernames are like identification numbers. They’re unique, and once someone signs up for a Snapchat account using that username, he probably used that on other social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

The easiest way to tell who that user is, is by adding his username to another social network URL. On Facebook, for example, use this web address structure:

As you can see, if that Snapchat username is being used on Facebook, you’ll find who is the person behind it. But if you can’t tell the truth, change that to other sites, and there are high chances of finding the linked profiles there. The only issue with this method is the privacy settings.

If the user behind that profile blocked his personal information from being listed, then, even search engines won’t get much of it. However, many systems with public record databases can search and collect data from multiple sources, and that’s why they’re accurate.

If you got “not found” pages or other related notices like “this profile is not publicly available right now”, that’s just the privacy settings that blocked details from appearing to users or visitors. That’s because they’re not on the list of friends. And so, people won’t be able to access any of the profile details.

To find a Snapchat user’s real name, look for his or her online presence on social media. Their username might be used somewhere else on sites like Instagram, LinkedIn, or others. In addition, the profile summary section on these social networks and sites can give you information about who the users are in real life.

3. Identify Snapchat accounts with their photos

Social Catfish is the right reverse image search option. If you’d like to know the person behind a Snapchat account without using their username, you’ll have to use this method. Who doesn’t like adding his best headshot on Snapchat and other social media sites? It’s one of the steps that users spend more time on when they’re joining the site for the first time.

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Users, especially those with thousands of followers, add their best photos on Snapchat and even on Instagram or others. Consequently, by using Snapchat profile photos, you can identify the user and find them with Google Images or TinEye. These are the most popular reverse image search engines. And combined, they provide more information about pictures than any other site.

Identifying snapchat user by picture

Looking for photo details on Google matters for many. That’s because face recognition technologies have become more advanced than any time before. Besides, new algorithms by Google and also by other services provide details like where the photo is listed on the Internet, what websites, and what URL you can find it on.

Thus, you can just visit any of the search results and see who the user is, and many times, there will be hidden profiles on social media.

Even if using the photos looks simple, it can find if that real person owns two Snapchat accounts by just looking at the photos he used. But that’s not always accurate, and that needs extra search steps.

4. Get help from Google

Now, it’s not Google images, but the main search engine that can find more personal data about people than Bing, Yahoo, and DuckDuckGo combined. Best of all, it’s a free way to search for information about social media users and their identities.

Now, because you only know the username of the Snapchat profile, you need to type it on Google inside quotes. This means the exact results only, and by adding that simple search parameter, Google will eliminate other search results that are not exactly what you want.

Here is how to search using a Snapchat username on Google and find who it belongs to:

Snapchat-username“: When you add that into Google, it will be easy to find the person’s name from their Snapchat username if that’s available for indexing.

Snapchat username reverse lookup example

Google has more search parameters to adjust and tweak as you need. So, you may find more or fewer details based on what you typed as search terms. That said, finding accurate information about a Snapchat user is not always possible without reversing lookup his username.

For that reason, if there is no way to find the person behind that suspicious Snapchat account, you need to reverse lookup his username using the first method above and save time.

5. Get help from experts

Sometimes, even with the most sophisticated search technique, it won’t be that easy to find out who owns a Snapchat account. Many factors can interfere and make things hard to analyze and understand. But, if you think that this search mission is crucial and you should find the user behind that account, then, you have more options.

The last strategy will be talking to an expert in social media investigations. Many people specialize in this field, and they can look up Snapchat info in their own ways.

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A private detective may be able to check any given Snapchat username and tell you who manages it. On many occasions, many people get scammed by people who pretend to be celebrities. 

Those scammers use the same picture and tweak the username of well-known celebrities on Snapchat and Instagram. But because of that, many social media users trust what they read, and that’s the issue. I just listed this example to show you how serious you should take every piece of information you read on social networks.

To find out who is the person behind a fake Snapchat account, experts have their own tools and cybersecurity measures. So, they may have access to exclusive details. And I only recommend this method if nothing else works for you in tracing people behind Snapchat.

Other tips

As you can see from the above options, using reverse username lookup can help in telling who someone is on Snapchat. But, even if there is a profile behind the user, the information may need some verifications, especially if you have doubts.

That’s because people who have multiple accounts on social media, hide some of their details. Hence, if you find yourself confused with Google search, for example, then take note of every piece of information you read.

When there is a need to figure out who an unknown user is on Snapchat, taking a screenshot of the full profile page is what I recommend. In some conditions, individuals who use those accounts try to keep their identities secret.

Consequently, they’ll change the Snapchat username, or delete it completely. They’re not worried about their followers simply because these are fake pages. And when they feel that someone is tracing their identities on the Internet and social media, they can just delete everything.

That’s why by taking a full-page screenshot of the profile, you’ll have the details to search through later. That way, you still have the details. So when you want to find out who made any given fake Snapchat account, the saved page shows you everything you need to know.


Identifying the owner behind any Snapchat account is not complicated if you follow the steps in this guide. Of course, you’ll find the first name, last name, and contact details if you use the first search method. It provides up-to-date information from public records and even hidden data that’s not easy to get with Google or any other search engine.

However, by looking at the search report, users can find extra details they can use for a second search. That’s because every piece of information found on the Internet is linked to each other. Sometimes, people discover lots of secrets that they never looked for directly. But that comes also with the personal responsibility to keep others’ details secure and never share them with anyone. That’s what everyone should do.

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