How to Find Someone on Facebook by Phone Number

If you’re trying to find a specific person on Facebook through their phone number, you may need some search tricks to succeed. That’s because the social media platform does not guarantee to locate users behind mobile numbers. However, with additional systems and some tips, you’ll be able to search FB and locate your friend or other users by typing their numbers in a search box.

Nowadays, users on Facebook create their accounts through phone numbers or emails. So you can always search and find their profiles based on these contact details. But how can you do that? And is it really possible to see people’s accounts on FB that way?

Finding someone’s Facebook profile by phone numbers

Every search method on Facebook depends on how much data you can get from it. Thus it’s better to go through all the following search tricks to find out if someone has a Facebook account using their cell phone number. Ensure you have the correct contact information you’d like to locate the profile through it.

If there’s any new number you don’t know about, that can hide many accounts on social media. For that reason, always start with what you know about the person. Next, collect the details and see if there are accounts you’re unaware of online.

Reverse phone lookup

There are social media searching tools that scan the web through cell phone numbers. Using this method is the fastest way to look someone up on Facebook by their phone number only. That should save time and effort as the dedicated social media searching algorithms do the hard work for you. You may get a comprehensive search report with details like social media profiles, photos, emails, usernames, etc.…

Whether it’s your partner, loved one, or someone you want to identify and know more about, you can get lots of information in one place.

Public Records

Instant Checkmate is a specialized search engine in social media that may help you discover Facebook accounts behind phone numbers. Even better, there is a complete set of features and details about social media users when all you know about them is a contact number.

To start the search, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the reverse phone number lookup tool above.
  2. Manually type your friend’s number or use copy-paste.
  3. Click on the “Search Now” button.
  4. The search report may take a minute or so to be prepared for you.
  5. Once that’s done, there will be a report with a navigation menu from the left area of the screen on laptops. From there, click on “Social”.
  6. If that person’s phone number is associated with a Facebook account, you may see it under that report’s navigation.
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The site also works on mobile devices, but for a better user experience, it’s much better to use a laptop or a tablet.

Here’s one example of a search report the system generated with someone’s phone number. We found their linked Facebook profile Url with username, name, and even some of their friends.

Example of a Facebook profile found

As you can see from the above screenshot, the search report shows other social media accounts, not just Facebook. There could be a profile on Twitter, Tiktok, or Instagram, which Meta also owns. It all depends on how much data the site knows about people on FB. In addition, there could be more or fewer profiles for every new search.

That way, when you see other accounts on social media, use the username on those pages and search for them with the same tool. That’s a helpful trick to discover any other hidden account on FB and more sites. Finding someone’s Facebook based on their phone number is not that complicated. Just make sure you organize the information you discover for further searches.


The Intelius search engine brings the power of sophisticated social media algorithms to your hand. In a matter of minutes, you can find people on Facebook by a cell phone number, which won’t take hours like regular search engines.

To find a Facebook user by his phone number, you need to open the site first. Next, type the digits and validate.

Now, Wait a minute or so till the system shows you some details found on that number. Finally, take a look at the social media section under that phone number search, and you may get the exact profile URL to the linked Facebook account.

Social Catfish

With its well-built search algorithm, the Social Catfish tool offers more features than other solutions. To find a friend on FB by phone number, follow these steps:

  1. Open the above tool online.
  2. Type the exact number of that person: For example, “0123456789” (without country code)
  3. Click on the search button.
  4. Wait for the search engine to scan billions of records and organize the details.
  5. Browse the search report and find the “social media” sections containing the Facebook account associated with the mobile number you’re searching with.
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In addition to that search method, the site offers other lookup options, such as the following:

  • Searching by the name of that person.
  • Through their usernames on other social networks.
  • By photo.
  • Search by email, and of course, you can search by home address if you have one.


No other search engine works better than Google, even if that’s changing every year. It has the largest data centers in the US and across the globe. Also, Google used to offer a reverse phone lookup database years ago, but that was discontinued due to privacy issues.

Anyway, Google is still one of the most accurate search engines to find profiles on social networks and details by typing a phone number in the search bar.

Now, here is how to find a person on Facebook by their phone number:

  1. Visit the Google search engine
  2. Copy and paste the following search parameter, and replace the number with the correct one.
allintext: "1234567890"

The above filters tell Google that we need to find a page with a specific phone number on Facebook. Also, that tells the system that we’re only interested in locating that information on the text of the pages, which should make the search faster.

After that, browse the search pages and see if there’s any profile on Facebook that has that exact phone number. Otherwise, ensure that you add the country code “+1” or “001” if the user is located in the United States. The reason for that is that some people may add the full cell number for international callers.

Searching for a phone number on Google

The limitation of getting someone’s Facebook account from his or her contact number is that Google only shows the indexed details. That means if the FB user has updated or removed that phone number from the page, Google might also remove that data from its index fast.

Another disadvantage of using Google for this search is that the phone number might have been used in the past by another person on FB. As a result, searching for that number on Google might show you an old account of someone else and not your friend or partner on the social platform.


This search engine uses a different approach to index information about social media users and websites. It scans social networks like FB through its own algorithm. Then, it combines the data with others from hundreds of sources online.

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That should enhance the search database, and DuckDuckGo may show you other details that are unavailable to Google. That’s why I recommend using this search engine for this type of search.

Bing and Yahoo

Bing powers the search of Yahoo and other search engines worldwide. So, start searching for anyone’s phone number through Bing, and you may get their associated Facebook account. Bing lists some of its search operators to exclude words or limit the search to a specific country, language, etc…

Facebook Search

Here’s how to use phone numbers to find someone on Facebook easily. However, there is a condition for that to work. It’s that the user is not blocking search engines from detecting that contact information.

Keep in mind that when you search the FB site or app by phone number, you only get a general list of results that needs to be filtered. There could be posts, profiles, and even photos with that number appearing in the ID of that file or the URL, which makes no sense in most cases. The Facebook internal search engine is not as smart as Google or other solutions.

Filtering Facebook search results

Therefore, you need to choose “people” from the list of suggestions based on the number you searched for. That said, the process of typing a phone number into the Facebook search box may not be as useful as most people expect.

The FB’s internally built search algorithm has nothing to do with what a real search engine like Google and others do. I tried their search a couple of times, and rarely I found a result that showed the FB profile behind a phone number. So, use this as a method that may or may not work for most users on the FB platform.


To successfully find someone’s Facebook account with their phone number, always start with the smartest search option you choose. Going through hundreds of pages with regular search engines may complicate things and not help.

On the other hand, people search engines have their own techniques to collect data from various sources, including public records, and that saves time. If you want to recommend another method for locating people on the Facebook app by number only, add it in the following comment section and let others know about it.

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