How to Find Someone on Tinder by Phone Number

Can you find someone on Tinder through their phone number? And what if that user is hiding his profile? In fact, Tinder or any other dating and hookup website knows the contact details of their users.

Just remember that when someone wants to sign up, Tinder requires a valid email address, of course, a cell phone number. They may tell users that they need that number for verification or whatever they say, but that also helps people find those users with their numbers on Tinder indirectly. In this guide, I’ll show you how you can do that and uncover people’s secret accounts on Tinder by their mobile numbers only as possible.

Finding people on Tinder by mobile number

Because Tinder is hiding the users’ accounts from public access, you may not get the exact URL of that user’s profile. Still, if you find any username or other social profile like Instagram, Facebook, etc… you’ll be able to discover that account in multiple ways and not only through a mobile number. So, when there are other accounts online, see what name they use. They could be hiding different names and details.

People search tools

Advanced search tools work better for this advanced technique. All you need is to type the phone number and let the online program search the databases in the US. Then, when it finds a profile on social media apps or dating sites, it will show you where that profile is located. However, don’t assume this will work for every phone number you search for. It can only find public profiles. But even with this, there are times when those search engines for people and their online accounts get the data from private databases.

In all cases, this should be the first option to try if you think that you’ll need to find details about people in the future and see their hidden accounts. If you can’t see the Tinder account behind that phone number, search again with their other details, such as full name.

Keep in mind that every piece of information you find about people on the search report can save you lots of time. So, take advantage of the username you find under that phone number’s social media presence, and search again with any username you can see there.

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Discovering information about a specific person using his phone number can help you trace his Tinder account faster than what you think. Even more, this type of search helps users to verify the identity of their friends or people they know.

Can you search Tinder by number directly?

The short answer is No, Tinder offers a search system that works internally within their app, but even when you use it, you have one option to search, which is the name of the person. In addition, when searching Tinder, you can only see people from your match list. So you can only search for those users you already liked when swiping their profile photos.

To see if someone is on Tinder without joining, use the people search option above. You don’t have to sign up for Tinder, but of course, you need to create an account with the search engine.

Other ways to find someone on Tinder

To save time and effort, avoid using mobile apps claiming they search Tinder profiles by phone number. They don’t work simply. Most of them show annoying ads that no one wants to see, and if you want to search for a specific person on Tinder, use the following options.

Searching Tinder by username

If you know any username of your spouse or partner, make sure you add it as their name using the people search tool above. Or, type the username in the Tinder website directly just after the URL address. That way, if the person has a Tinder account associated with that username, you’ll see it, but of course, you won’t be allowed to read everything in their account if it’s private.

Also, Google can be a good search engine that you get help from. Just type the username followed by “Tinder” in Google search. Google indexed Tinder accounts, and surprisingly, it worked many times in finding users by just their usernames when the phone number is not showing anything.

When you type the username add @ in front of it, that’s how the site shows the profile URL. Look at the following example.

Finding Tinder user profile

With their name

Searching Tinder directly by name can show you the profile of the specific user behind it, but as I said earlier in Google search engine only. So, type the name of your boyfriend, for example, and add “Tinder” next to it in the search phrase. Google is smart enough to search the site and show you any indexed profile in that name.

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Now, if you think about how people use Tinder secretly and hide their accounts from partners, you’ll conclude that they may use fake names. So, it could be challenging to tell what name your husband is using on Tinder or other apps because he’s trying to hide the profile with a fake name.

The limitations

Searching for someone on Tinder by phone number comes with limitations that are not that easy to bypass. In fact, users who look for hookups or even for serious relationships on dating sites and Tinder prefer hiding their profiles most of the time.

When we say this, we mean hiding the personal information and even the entire Tinder account from being found by Google and Bing. Meantime, secretive Tinder users from both sides, men and women, may use other numbers and names, and it will be complicated to view their accounts and tell who they’re.


As you can see, you can find a person’s Tinder account with their phone number in some cases. So, give the search a try and use a sophisticated reverse phone number lookup tool that shows you the social media profiles that the guy is possibly owning.

Then, see if there is a Tinder profile on the list. If that’s not the case, don’t give up, you may get a username or nicknames to use in a new search. And this time, you may be able to type that secret username in the Tinder URL and find the account behind it. So the phone number can help you to trace people on Tinder in different ways.

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