How to Find Someone’s Email on Facebook: A Quick Guide

When it comes to Facebook profiles, social media sites let users hide or show their contact details. That includes emails, phone numbers, or others based on their privacy settings. So, if you want to find someone’s email address using his Facebook account, then, this guide is for you. Keep reading, and you’ll get the right tricks and ways to find that.

Find out the email behind a Facebook user

The following are the best search methods to uncover any email address that people keep secret under their profiles on Facebook or other social networks they use. Some of these search ways work better than others. So, it can save you time and effort. By diversifying your search options, you can get accurate results about anyone you know, or you’ve just met with.

1. Use every piece of information you find

When you search by name, address, or other ways as the above solutions, you may find some of your partner’s hidden profiles on FB or even Instagram. Also, if you can see any email on their profiles, use that for another search.

That’s how things work in advanced people search technologies. Every single piece of information can be used to discover other details not available on Google or regular search engines including emails.

When you want to find people’s email addresses by the cell number or username they use, don’t just think about that as their only contact information or names. People can hide other usernames or mobile numbers you never knew about.

Start the search with their primary contact numbers or social media usernames. Then, use any additional information you can see in the search report, or find online for another reverse lookup. That can make the search better. That’s because there will be more ways to link profiles and data together and detect any possible secret email address associated with it. You can even organize the details you can use to import them later into any search system.

2. Email

This is the most reliable way to find a person’s email address on Facebook when it’s not visible under their “about” section. All you need is a powerful search tool like TruthFinder. That online tool scans big databases they have and tells you if there is any linked email to them.

In other words, even if the person hides his “about” tab on Facebook, the tool can find the email address in other ways. That includes combining data from private sources and scanning the web deeply. So, you don’t have to get that email directly on FB.

If someone used his email on multiple social platforms, then, it will be easy to get that by searching for his name. Just make sure you carefully type it in the search box to get the right person’s profile.

Some FB email ID finder tools that you can use online promise a long list of features. But when you use them, they will ask you to share a post about their spam sites and risk your account privacy settings in many different ways. In one word, only use the systems above and don’t just believe in what others say. It’s not easy to scan the web for people’s emails especially when they keep them hidden on Facebook or other sites.

3. Search by phone number

Can you see any mobile number on the Facebook user details? If the answer is yes, then, try Intelius. It’s one of the most powerful ways to find their details and emails in minutes.

If there is any reliable search technique to find people’s email using what they show like phone numbers on Facebook, it will be the above button which is powerful in finding personal details that people hide online.

Unlike Google, this system does not rely on websites only. In fact, it crawls social media accounts, blogs, and forums. Of course, it gets private data from multiple sources, and that’s what makes the difference in these situations.

No matter if someone has accounts on Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, or other social platforms, if they use the same phone number for registration, then, he will make things super easy for you.

you can find almost all the email addresses of that person because the majority of websites require valid contact information like a cell phone number and a working Gmail account.

4. Reverse-lookup their Facebook photo

Trusted tools like Google Images allow you to search and find people’s email addresses using their photos on Facebook or other sites. You can upload the person’s picture you found on any social network. Next, in the search report, look for any mention of the email address under the contact tab.

This new search option is the last one called “face” in the right area of the search box. So, click on it to enable face recognition scanning.

Of course, when you see a Gmail account, for example, that does not mean at 100% that’s the exact email the person used on Facebook. Hence, it’s probably the one he uses as a primary contact detail.

If there is any other email under that contact section, it could also be valid for FB. Also, using social media photos is a good way to see the person’s email on Facebook even if it’s private. So, give it a try.

Other search engines like Google let you reverse lookup pictures. However, when it comes to locating someone’s email on Facebook, that’s another story. You may need to browse thousands of pages and hope you can find the right information. So, don’t always rely on public data to uncover hidden details that people prefer keeping secret.

5. Try reverse username lookup tools

The best thing about usernames is that they’re unique. Thus, to get anybody’s email from their Facebook page, just look up their username with sophisticated tools like the option mentioned previously on this page. If there is any linked email to that Facebook username, show you the possible contact details that the same person owns.

That being said, other social accounts that people hide can also include mentions of their private email addresses. Now, look for that and see if there is any other hidden Facebook account you don’t know about.

To get someone’s email from their Facebook profile faster, keep a note of any name or nickname the person may have. That can help you to find hidden email accounts in his name on the Internet. That can be the name that others call him, or other variations or abbreviations.

Once you uncover any email address that the guy or the girl owns, we recommend using it as a new search entry. In reality, when you reverse lookup that newly found email, you may uncover other profiles and details on many sites.

6. Use their Facebook use ID

Now, here is another trick to find almost anybody’s email address from his FB ID which is also the same as the username in most cases. First, visit their profile, and look for the exact username in the URL bar at the top of the browser.

Next, copy that ID; many users prefer making their Facebook profile ID unique and readable. For that reason, they just add the name followed by their last name or other. That way, if you find numbers, that won’t work because it’s the default Facebook URL of that profile page.

Then, add that ID to the beginning of the domain name of the email service providers, just like in the following example:

If you found that someone’s Facebook ID is “12345anderson”, then, the real email address behind that FB account could be “[email protected]” or the same username followed by “” or “[email protected]”.

This technique to find people’s emails using their Facebook ID is not always accurate. However, it’s worth a try, especially if the person prefers making his online account unique and easy to remember in his name.


This is how you can find an email address from someone’s Facebook information, like usernames, numbers, or other personal details. Locating people’s emails that are not visible under their Facebook “about” tab or contact section is not that complicated if you follow the above ways and tips.

The same methods above can work for many other social networks. So, try the same search options. They can help you in finding information about people you know or even verify if your own data is shown publicly or not.

To find your friend’s email addresses, start with their name as a search. After that, switch the lookup options to one of their usernames, and finally, use the mobile number they have. These types of searches can tell you any possible detail about them. That includes any hidden Gmail, Yahoo, or Outlook email account.

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