fix the laptop keys 5, B and 6, N in Windows

How to fix the laptop keys 5, B and 6, N in Windows

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In the last couple of days, a friend of mine has a big issue with his laptop’s keyboard that shows the wrong keys. That’s a common issue, especially, for people who suffer from the keys ”5”, ”B”, ”6”, and ”N”.

Here is what happens exactly, when he types on the key ”5”, for example, the system understands that as two keys being pressed at the same time, and it shows ”5B”. The same things happen to the other keys ”6” and ”N”.

After some tests, I concluded that the system, which is Windows 7 is not the problem. At the same time, there is no way to solve the problem by cleaning the keyboard, we did that twice, and nothing changed.

Later, I can’t find any solution for the man, and he browsed hundreds of pages without any solution. Of course, it was a problem that happens commonly, especially, for the Lenovo laptops, and we both, searched for the keyboard, and the same things happened.

Fixing the keyboard problem

To fix the problem, I’ve used an online keyboard tester tool. It allows me to see the keys that have the problem. When I type on the key ”5”, the system return ”5N”, and it’s not a problem of a capital letter, or something else. Simply, the keyboard keys are completely damaged, and the system treats both keys, as the same.

To make your own test, visit this online keyboard tester tool. Press one key, and see which keys the system shows. From that simple test, you can see the problem exactly. Please make sure to click on ”Launch the Tester” button.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix the problem is by disabling one of the two keys that are being typed. Of course, you should disable ”5” to let the key ”b” works correctly. The same thing applies to the key ”6” that you need to disable, to let the key ”n” work normally.

The letter is more important than the number. To enable the numbers and other functions, you can use the ”Capt’ or the Shift keys. But you should completely disable the above number keys.

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So, you need to download a free keyboard managed and mapper tool called Sharp Keys, it’s a lightweight software that you can install for Windows 7.

After installing the software, launch it, and you will get the simple interface to use. You need to click the ”add” button, at the bottom of the window, then, you will get all the keys to manage, like the below screenshot example.

Fix the laptop keys 5 and 6 in Windows

Now, to disable the keys, use the list of keys and make sure to select ”Num: 5” from the left section. You will get similar keys that you shouldn’t use, never use the ”Key: 5” that’s different and not for numbers.

From the right section of the window, don’t touch anything. The option will be set by default to turn the key off, and that’s what you need. Finally, click ”OK” to save that first modification.

Repeat the same job for the key with the number ”6”, and then, click ”OK” to save the changes. You should restart your machine to apply the changes in your keyboard keys.

Next time, when you turn your computer ON, you will notice that the keys, ”b” and ”n”, are working without any problem. You can use the capital key, and everything else. But, you will need to find a solution to type the numbers ”5” and ”6”.

You can use the virtual keyboard if you want, it’s installed in your Windows 7 system by default. Just search for ”On-Screen keyboard” in the search box.

Please note that you can use the application to map any key on your keyboard, you can turn OFF keys, and change their functions. You need to keep the application in your system when you remove it, the key changes will be removed also.

I hope that this helped to fix your problem. If you find this method helpful, share it with your friends.

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