How to Enable the Checkbox in Database Table Rows using PHPMyAdmin

Sometimes, problems with the database happen especially if you’re a beginner. That happened to me once with a WordPress database that looked broken in some tables.

So, when I wanted to check a table and export or edit it, or even remove it, there was no option at all. Even, the checkbox was missing.

If that’s your case, then, follow this step by step tutorial to solve the missing database table selection box and all the available options like edit, delete, export.

Solutions for the missing checkbox option in MySQL

1. Set a primary key field

One of the main causes for this problem is that the database table rows don’t have a primary key field, so, to fix the mission tables checkbox, just click on the table name you need, then, you’ll see all the related fields. From there, click on “Structure” at the top are like the following screenshot.

fixing the database table missing checkbox

For the wp-options table, for example, you can set option-id as the primary key, that way, you can fix things.

As phpMyAdmin itself inform you that there are no options available to delete, select or even edit the table content, you need a way to organize the tables, so, they look ordered based on ranking or similar thing. So, if the above solution doesn’t work, you need to try the next one.


This is one of the best solutions for many cases that include the situation where readers are unable to post a comment on WordPress or other.

The MySQL AUTO_INCREMENT organizes the data clearly, so, there will be a clear structure for queries and operations.

To enable auto_incremnet in your phpMyAdmin tool, we need to create a new table, so, click on your database name on the left area, and then, you’ll find “New” at the top of the tables as the following example, when you click on it, you’ll create a new database table.

add new database table

Now, you can name the table anything you want, but you need to have two important things, set the type to INT, and also check the box A_I which means AUTO_INCREMENT, see the next image.

table options

To save the changes click the Save button at the right bottom corner of that page.

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3. Check for Uppercase in the database table name

This can happen for many reasons, even if there is a primary key and everything is okay, with some database engines and cases, the problem can appear with Uppercase used in the database table name. So, you’ll be unable o export any row in phpMyAdmin.

For that, if you have an upper case in your database table name, changing to lowercase and verify if that solves the problem.

Now, you should get the tables organized and you’ll be able to check any table in MySQL with phpMyAdmin.

4. Ask your Web host

Sometimes, we forgot that some hosting companies may disable some functions or that they have old versions of PHP and MySQL and so on, so, there are chances that the database engine work with missed functionalities or slowly especially with shared web hosting.

The table grid options like edit, delete, and copy functions will not be available for you. For that reason, check with your web hosting provider if they can help.

Meantime, why not switching to a premium quality hosting like Liquid Web for any application, or choose their WordPress managed web hosting that I recommend.

If none of these solutions worked, you may be facing another case with specific database types and even languages. You can try changing the database engine to InnoDB as there are some differences between that and MyISAM.

You can also try updating your MySQL to the latest version, that can help.

If you fixed your missing table rows selection box in phpMyAdmin using another solution, let me know or add it to your comment, so, everyone gets a fix.

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