How to Make your Own Blog Website Professionally in 2019

Creating a blog becomes a popular topic that people searching for, especially, after the big success of WordPress that makes blogging more than a passion, but a full-time job for thousands of people. Today, I’ll show you how to make your own blog website using the best tips and advice.

Steps to build a blog professionally

Select the blogging platform

Before starting, you can learn how to find the WordPress self hosted blog. In that post, you will find useful information and tips about WordPress in general, and the best part is that you will learn the difference between the free hosted blog and the self-hosted one.

There are lots of blogging platforms to choose from, but only WordPress is the platform that you need. With millions of blogs and websites around the web. WordPress is a powerful blogging, and CMS that you can use to build an SEO friendly blog, with easy customization and lots of features.

Recommended blog web hosting

If you want to own your blog and make it yours at 100%, then, you need a self hosted site service. There are lots of companies to host your blog, however, for those who want premium WordPress hosting, I recommend WP Engine. They are the biggest and the fastest managed WordPress hosting provider.

How to Make your Own Blog Website

The service is not only a quality hosting, but the customer support is friendly and instant with phone, chat and email ticket systems. At the same time, they offer the latest caching and web loading technologies, to make any blog blazing fast like never before.

For shared web hosting that’s cheaper, I recommend Bluehost. They are great and trusted by thousands of big companies.

The installation and setup

When you’re ready with your hosting account, you can start the WordPress installation process, and it’s easy, follow my step by step tutorials on how to install WordPress using Softaculous.

If you want your free installation services, you can read our page free WordPress installation and setup service. That’s good for people who need a fast and functional blog, without any technical knowledge.

But, remember that the blog itself is not a hard job to do if you follow my WordPress tutorials, they solve the major problems and help you to build a blog easily and submit it to Google and other search engines.

Choosing a good blog theme

After the blog installation, you need to work on the design and how you want the blog to look like. For that you need a premium theme for WordPress, and you can read how to select a WordPress theme.

There are lots of technics that can affect your blog ranking later, in search engines, and you need to understand how to pick a good theme that works well for SEO and page speed. Later, you can use your own theme, or browse the best sites to buy premium WordPress themes.

The theme installation is simple and easy, all you have to do is upload the theme that you have in ZIP format, and that’s can be done directly from your WordPress dashboard for small file sizes. Or, from your cPanel file manager which is an FTP method, that allows you to upload large file sizes in general.

For that you can read my step by step tutorial on how to install WordPress themes.

Please remember to scan WordPress theme or plugins for malware and viruses, if you’re not sure about their source and trust. Sometimes, things can be easy to protect from the beginning, but when it becomes in danger, it will be difficult to solve.

WordPress is a great blogging platform, but it’s also one of the biggest victims for attacks and hacks. That’s not a WordPress problem at 100% because, the blogger should protect the blog files from PHP executions and others.

You can extend the WordPress function and option using plugins, I recommend reading these must have WordPress plugins. These tools protect your blog and make things easier to customize and edit.

If you want to install trusted plugins from your WordPress dashboard, then, make sure that they are rated, and have thousands of downloads. That’s not a rule, but a simple way to protect yourself from low coded plugins that no one uses.

When you’re ready to start blogging, you can learn how to read a blog post in WordPress. The right blog post is not only text and images, all that is one of the main post content, and you have to learn how to write a good Blog post in WordPress. That post will help you to optimize your articles for SEO, speed and human reading that’s the most important thing after all.

The blog post needs to be shared and get comments. So, share your posts in your social profiles and attract more fans and shares. The more quality shares that you have, the better engagements, you will get for your blog posts.

How to Make your Own Blog

When you have a few articles, you can submit your blog to Google from the Google webmaster tools. Make sure to post frequently, especially in the first period of your blog creation. That will help you with more content, and will encourage you to create, even more content in the future.

The blog with a few posts won’t rank well in search engines, and you can keep your blog posts fresh and updated to boost your ranking if the content is good, of course

If you have a few posts, things are easy to manage, and you will not find lots of problems, or even, any of them. But when you start receiving some traffic, you will notice lots of spam comments, and you should protect yourself from the beginning to avoid issues. Just use a plugin that block spammers, it’s included in your JetPack plugin.

If you have questions to ask, you can add them in your comments below, or contact me directly from the contact page.

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