how to protect your Internet safety from scam websites

How to Protect your Internet Safety from Scam Websites

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Internet safety is your first firewall to avoid being scammed online and protect your privacy. You can browse some websites looking for services, or products online, but, when it comes to security, you will find thousands of scam websites.

They can try to use some technics to show you that they are trusted and verified businesses. At the same time, a new internet user, or even, any other user can forget to check the website’s trust and security, before paying for any service and send his personal information, such as the Credit Cards.

As a result, you will be scammed by those websites, because you thought that they are like any other trusted websites. So, check the next easy tips before making any payment the next time. It can be easy to will protect yourself from scam websites if you apply the right things.

Trusted and verified business icons

The first thing that you should do the next time when you visit any new website for the first time, is to scroll down at the bottom of the homepage. Then, locate any logos or icons, like “Trust” , “Verified Business”, or any other icons used by popular websites.

The following icons are the most popular and trusted services. They’re used to ensure your online security.

Internet safety

What some scam websites are doing, is to paste these images in their homepages. Unfortunately, some visitors are not verifying these icons, so, you should verify if these icons are clickable or not first. If they’re not clickable, then, quit that website.

On the other side, if you can click and verify that the link takes to the business verification window or page. And if you find some information about security and business, then, the website is safe and verified, you can use it.

Example of a trusted website, when clicking the “Trust” icon to validate.


How to protect your internet safety

Internet safety starts from an encrypted connection

All trusted websites use an encrypted connection. When you log in or enter to a payment page, this will secure your personal details, and protect your online privacy. So, make sure that the site has a secure page when login or paying. You can find that in the top left corner of your browser.

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This is an example of a secure and encrypted connection when you enter into a payment or login page:

Secure siteContact Information

To protect your internet safety and avoid scam websites, you need to search for real contact information, for the website. Indeed, you can use any trusted methods to find cell phone numbers.

For example, if the website address is listed in the United States, but the phone number is outside the U.S, then, be careful about that website. The address and the information provided should be valid. This is a simple way to verify the website trust. If there is no contact information or company details, then, you should stay away from that website.

Personal information

Avoid any website that asks you for personal information. That way, you will protect yourself from scammers, they can try to find your credit card number and many other details.

Be careful about similar emails

There are many scammers who send emails to ask you for updates or other actions. For example, some scammers, send emails that look exactly like the PayPal emails, but, with hidden links. So, make sure to never click immediately any link in your emails, even, if it’s from trusted companies.

Instead of that, you have to copy the link address and paste it before clicking on it. That way, you can see any hidden actions like “password…”


Your Internet safety is up to you, you can decide to protect all your devices, identity etc…from the scam websites or not. But, keep in mind that scammers can be stopped if you take some verification steps before doing anything with websites that you don’t know. So, apply the above simple actions, and protect your entire family, and make sure to investigate on any new website you find online.

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