How to Restore Tables in Mysql for the TablePess Plugin

TablePress is one of the most popular plugins to insert and create beautiful tables in WordPress, but the big issue is to restore your tables from a backup, You will notice that it’s impossible to import your tables from files, or even, from a full backup.

It’s not your problem in this case, the plugin itself does not restore your details in files, and even the MySQL backup itself won’t help without knowing the exact method. Today, I’ll show you how to restore tables in MySQL specially for the TablePress plugin.

The solution is to have a copy of your old website or blog, and it should be functional, then you need to export the tables from there and import them to your new server. This is why you should keep in mind to export your tables before migrating to a new server.

Anyway, if you have the database backup only you can restore your tables in a few steps. Just follow them.

If you want to restore any other data from your MySQL database backup, you also need to find which tables you want, then export them. The solution is, again, to import all your old database in a new installation, of course, you have to use the phpMyAdmin dashboard in your cPanel account.

As I said, you need only the MySQL database, to import it to a new and fresh WordPress installation. Just to export the tables from the WordPress dashboard. So, forget your blog and domain name and even files and focus only on the database.

  1.  Install a fresh WordPress on any domain name and the server that you want. If you can do that on your local computer, it will be better, our main goal is to create a new temporary blog with any name and domain or even sub-domain.
  2. After creating a new installation, you need to import your old database that includes your tables in the new installation. All you have to do is to drop your actual database tables, and import your old data that will replace the actual information, just go to my last post about how to restore a WordPress blog and scroll down just under “Restore your Blog” subtitle. It will show you how to replace the new installation database with an old one, using phpMyAdmin.
  3. After importing your database to the new installation, login to your WordPress dashboard and install the TablePressplugin. After activating it, your next step is to export your Tables from the plugin menu. It’s the only method to back up and move your tables from a location to another. There is no other method to bring your post tables.
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To export tables from the TablePress plugin menu, click on ”TablePress”, then ”Export a Table”. Now, you have your tables, and you can import them from your new blog dashboard using the TablePress import menu as below.

Restoring Tables in Mysql

As you can see, to restore Tables, you should have a functional website first, then you can export them directly from the blog dashboard. It’s not easy for newbies, but it’s the only way to get you tables again.

Next time remember to export your TablePress data, before moving to a new server. Thus, you can easily restore tables with a simple click, and without the need to do all the above steps.

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