How to Search for Someone on MeetMe by Name

When it comes to searching for a specific person on MeetMe through their name, you have multiple search options. However, I recommend seeing if the account you find online is linked to the person you’re trying to locate. In fact, MeetMe is not only a dating or chat app like others but also provides video and call services for many sites like POP and more.

The reason for that is once scammers try to steal someone’s identity on the Internet, they could create multiple accounts in their name in MeetMe, Zoosk, and many more apps. In today’s guide, I’ll show you the best ways to find people on the app when you only know their names.

Searching for profiles on MeetMe

1. Google their name this way

Google should work well for this because it crawls web pages and indexes them if the details are public. In other words, if the profile you’d like to find has the name you searched for, Google will show you the direct URL if it was indexed successfully.

To find out if someone has a MeetMe account, use the following filter with Google search:


Change that name with the one you’re looking for and validate the search. After that, Google will list all the indexed pages in that name on the Meetme website only. So, you’re excluding all the other details found on different sites, and you’re laser-focusing on one single platform this time.

Meetme account found

2. Social searcher tools

If Google fails to provide you with any details about the person you need to find on MeetMe, then probably it’s because that user is blocking search engines from indexing their account.

In this case, you can switch to the next level of the search option, which is an advanced one. Some tools like TruthFinder collect data from both public and private databases. And then, they show the details in search reports that you can download and see the hidden profiles behind.

The search starts with simple information such as the first plus last name of the guy or the girl you need to find there. Next, identify the exact profile of that guy and click on it. If the site asks you for registration, that means it’s a paid one. Otherwise, if you get the search results for free, that’s good news for you, as most of these sites are premium these days.

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One of these social searcher tools that you try to find out if your partner hides MeetMe accounts by name is Instant Checkmate.

The best thing about using these tools is that when they find any mentions of the MeetMe site, they show them in the report. It’s like searching the entire web and even hidden sites that never allow the regular search engine to crawl their page. So, it’s worth trying these options as they can help you to discover hidden accounts by name only. Some of these tools crawl the dark web.

Thus, they can search for millions of resources that are not available publicly. Then, they can help locate profiles on social media, just like dating apps.

3. Use Bing

Bing is not Google, even if they share some features, especially in the last couple of years. Bing has its own discovery algorithm that searches for information on social media sites and collects every detail about users.

Thus, all you need to do is use the Bing search engine first. Second, type your friend’s full name, inside quotes, followed by “”. That will filter the search results for you automatically and only show the exact person’s profile if available.

Other search options

If searching for people on MeetMe by name makes no difference and you still need to find them, here are other alternative solutions.

Reverse image search

Here’s another trick that could help you to find out if a person has a MeetMe account. Just use any of that person’s photos (it should be clear, preferably a headshot) and upload them to Social Catfish. That’s a sophisticated reverse photo search engine that crawls billions of records and shows clear reports. The dashboard contains lots of useful information such as the social media profiles behind a photo, the name of the user, their email, and of course, contact phone numbers when available.

Google Images is also a great option to search for users when you have their photos; This alternative search method can help you find out if someone is using the MeetMe platform or not by just uploading their photos. That being said, Google is not indexing every profile, and you can expect a success rate that’s not the same for every search you do.

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Now, look for details associated with that person’s picture. Face recognition technology helps people search for friends and relatives through the Internet. Make sure you use high-resolution photos in order for the site to identify the person on it and search better.

Guess their username

It’s not that complicated if you know who that person is with a nickname, location, etc. Just like any other app, people may have used the same username across multiple platforms. Consequently, others can search for that user on any chatting app by the names they have on other sites.

The profile URL of users on MeetMe is simple, clean, and easy to understand. Every account address looks like the following example:

Just replace the example “Nancy” with your partner’s name and see if they have accounts there. That could work, especially if the username is unique and rarely used.

Profile URL example

Give this trick a try, and you may see that hidden account on Meetme.

You can also create a new account on MeetMe. Then, search through that for your target user. Of course, you’ll have to wait for more and filter profiles by distance and city. But in all cases, that’s the last option if you should find that person there for any reason.


These are the best search methods to find specific users on MeetMe through their names. Make sure you follow the best search practices because filtering a long list of results won’t help. Instead, focus on a fast search that excludes profiles you don’t want to see in the list. That way, you can easily see the profile of the person you want to find online. Best of all, you have multiple search options.

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