How to See if Someone has Multiple Instagram Accounts

Can you see if someone has multiple Instagram accounts? And if that’s possible in 2023, how can you find that person’s other profiles on IG and even additional sites? In fact, social media can tell us more about people than search engines, and that’s because of many different factors. So, when you need to get information about a specific person and see if he has more than one account on these platforms, the following search methods can help you a lot.

Do they have multiple accounts on IG?

To find out if someone has multiple Instagram accounts, choose one of the following solutions. But always verify that you’re looking at the same person’s profile and not somebody else’s. The name on both accounts could be the same, even the pictures. But what if somebody is using fake pictures of another individual on IG? So, could he cause issues for them?

Fastest Method: (Search by name or username).

That happens, and thousands of scammers are using fake profile photos on social media. That’s because they want to look like someone else who only has a single account on IG and not many. So please, always verify that the person you find on Instagram is the same one and not fake by reversing-lookup the name or username of that account.


It’s obvious that using the famous Google search engine is the first step that everyone looks for when searching the Internet. But what’s even better is the search parameters. These different search solutions bring the power of algorithm filtering to your mobile phone.

Let’s say, for example, that you want to find all the Instagram accounts of someone called “William”. Now, you can try the following filter on Google and see the associated profiles.

Williams OR wm OR Will OR Willy

Of course, that’s just an example, and you should change the name and add the last name of the person if you would do that. But keep the website domain like that and use the same search filter. The above are the different abbreviations or names that someone might use to create multiple accounts. When his real name is not available, he might add numbers or abbreviations to keep it hidden from public search.


Instagram has a good internal search algorithm that works if you choose to find your partner on the site by name or username. But make sure you think about all the possible names that this person can use on social media profiles.

To see if someone has another account on Instagram, visit the site on a laptop or on your smartphone. Then, type their first plus the last name in the search. Next, Instagram will start searching, and the site will look for profiles or posts on that exact name you looked for. After that, read the list of accounts and see if the person you’re looking for is there or not but through another account that you’re not aware of.

As a piece of advice here, don’t always rely on the picture of the guy or the girl on Instagram. They could use different photos from the ones they normally use. So, expect to see different faces, and that’s because people might create other Instagram accounts for different purposes.

You may expect that this would be hard to tell if somebody owns two different accounts on Instagram when searching by name. But here is an example when I found 2 Instagram accounts of the same person.

Two Instagram accounts of the same person

Social media search engines (best option)

If you want to find someone’s Instagram account in one search, then this is the right solution. Social Catfish is among the best dedicated search engines for social media networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Here is one example of search that shows two Instagram accounts of the same person. The username search works well for this type of investigation.

Example of user with 2 Instagram

That way, with a single search, you’ll be able to see how many accounts someone has on these apps and sites. But for sure, you have to search through one of that person’s details, and that includes any of the following options:

  • Their full name
  • Email address
  • Search with their cell phone number
  • Home address
  • License plan number or VIN (if possible)

When searching using the above platforms, ensure that you type the correct details. Otherwise, you’ll get other people’s accounts. Hence, when you see lots of profiles with the same name, change the country or the state you expect that person to live in. In addition, there should be an option to choose the city and only focus on one person to see all of his social media presence.

That way, by searching for a username, for example, you can see if two Instagram accounts are linked.

Now, when there are accounts on different social media sites, don’t stop there. Instead, you can easily find their secret Instagram account if they have a profile on Twitter or TikTok. After that, you can do a deep web scan to find who is behind these profiles with their names, etc… 

So, look at their other profiles and read what they have as descriptions under the pages. Lots of people use 2 Instagram accounts, and that also means they have additional profiles on TikTok, Facebook, and more. Just follow every profile you find about them, and you may get their other accounts in an easy few clicks.

Why do people create more than one account on Instagram?

If you trust your partner and when she or he’s not aware of the additional Instagram accounts they have, you may ask them directly. So, it could be their primary or the first account on Instagram they created years ago and lost access to it.

That happens a lot, especially in the first days of the social media platform when people create many accounts on Instagram, just like Facebook and Twitter. After that, when they forget the password or username, they simply create another one because they don’t have lots of friends there.

Why would a guy have two Instagram accounts

On the other side, having a secondary account on Instagram or any other platform could mean that the person is trying to hide things. So, it’s worth a search here, and by using the name of that person or other details, you would have access to more details about them.

You can also know why they created those hidden Instagram accounts or other associated profiles on dozens of social media apps. There is no real reason to hide profiles on Facebook, Snapchat, or Instagram when being married or in serious relationships, anyway.

Other reasons why people use extra accounts on Instagram that they hide may include marketing ways. So, people might build different platforms on social media sites for their business, activities, and online courses. That means, it’s Okay to use IG, like Facebook, to separate personal life from public relations and other activities.

As a result, not all the “secret” accounts that people hide on Instagram are bad. Some of them have good content, and the owners of these profiles don’t have to share them with everybody.

Consequently, we need to respect the privacy of our friends and the people with whom we communicate or even live with. That’s valid, especially when it comes to finding that they use additional pages on social media we’re not aware of.

In addition to all the reasons that we may think of here, others may develop Instagram addiction. That happens a lot with similar social media apps. People spend a lot of time looking at other people’s photos, videos, and posts. Thus, when someone has separate accounts on Instagram, that could mean, he’s hiding profiles from parents, partners, or spouses to avoid conflicts and jealousy issues.

What to do next?

Dealing with relationship issues needs time and thinking to avoid making things worse. So, When your boyfriend has a secret Instagram account, and you clearly see his photos on that profile with information, make sure it’s him and not another fake account that strangers build. The reasons behind those fake accounts are different, and you don’t have to assume that everything you find on social media is 100% true.

We saw many attempts to steal thousands of identities online, and spammers built fake IG accounts on people’s names and real photos. So that could happen with your boyfriend or partner. By doing some research about those accounts you found, you should have more details to conclude if it’s real or not.


When you want to check if someone has many Instagram accounts, the above tips can show you the pages. But remember that owning multiple accounts on social media is not always bad for people.

Many guys and girls separate their business accounts on Instagram from their personal ones. By doing that, they make things easier for them and stop a lot of spam. However, when people create additional profiles and forget about them, that could give others a hint that they’re doing something wrong there.

For that reason, a simple search verification with Google can tell you the truth about the person behind that unknown Instagram account.

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