How to Solve Duplicate Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

If you’re a fan of the Google Webmaster Tools, you might find some errors in your dashboard when clicking the HTML improvement link under “Search appearance”. The big problem is that no one can give you the exact solution to fix the duplicate meta descriptions and title tags.

It happens that the same post appears multiple times, and only one link is working at the time. Basically, there are multiple causes for the duplicate meta description and title tags in your blog, each one is different, but the common cases are:

Modified post Title

This is a common issue in WordPress blogs, when you publish a post or page and change the title later, WordPress sends the new link to Google for crawling the blog. In this case, Google webmaster tools show a duplicate title.

However, that’s not even an error, you have updated the title and your blog have a single post with that title. So what happens with Google? It’s simply a matter of time, in a few days, Google will crawl the site again and found the updated title.

When you click all the duplicate links of your post, they take the visitor to the same page, that is the updated post. So, there are no multiple posts, in this case.

What you have to do is forget that error completely and in a period of a month at maximum, the old titles will be removed from Google, and only the newest version will be indexed.

How to Solve Duplicate Meta Descriptions and Title Tags

Modified meta description

We all update some wrong words and mistakes from time to time, that happens. However, Google shows duplicated meta description, and that’s just a permanent error, come back in a few days or weeks and the duplicate errors will be removed. That happened to me many times, and you don’t have to worry about updating your post titles, or meta descriptions.

In the above case, you have to relax and forget the problem completely. It’s only a matter patience with  the Google system update.

Verify the above cases

To make sure that you don’t have a post duplication that appears in the Google webmaster tools, you need to search Google for that specific post. Please be specific as possible and type your post title as below: post title or keyword here

If you see a single result related to that post URL, then, don’t worry, all is okay in that case. If you see multiple or doubled URLs, or post titles, then, you have a problem with duplicate content, and you need to follow the below steps:

Login to your WordPress admin area, and click “Tags” under “Posts” link. Then, type your duplicated tag that you need to verify.

For example, ” blogging tips”, and click “Search Tags”. If the tag is duplicated, you will get multiple versions as below:



In this case, the tag is duplicated and it will be listed with a number for each version. You need to modify one of them and keep the original one. Just hover over that tag, and click”Quik Edit”. Make sure to create a different name and slogan and save the changes by clicking “Update Tag” button.

Now the duplicate tag was removed, and you can clear your blog cache if you’re using a caching plugin.

Other cases

If you are using a blogging platform, such as WordPress, the problem can be the junk data and files stored in the database. You need to make sure that a post that you delete should be disappeared completely from your database. The same thing applies to tags. What you need is to clean up and reduce the Database size.

If  none of the above solutions worked for your site, then, you need to verify the post tables in the database. Search the exact post name that you need, and see if it’s duplicate. If it’s the case, delete the old version and it’s done.

Do you have experience with other solutions? Let us know and share them in your comments.

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