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How to Verify a Street Address using the Person’s Phone Number

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There are many reasons to verify addresses online. It can be a new employee you want to verify or a friend you want to know more. The reasons are many, but the goal is one, to see if the address is current and true or not.

There are many websites that you can use to search online. Some of those sites are free, and others are premium. Of course, not all the sites are good, and that’s why I’m writing this post today. I’ll show you the best place to verify a street address online for a new employee or any person you want to identify with more details.

Address search by phone number

The first website and online tool that really works is Phone Detective. It’s an online phone search service that anyone can use. Stars to your address search by entering the exact phone number you want to identify. Next, click the search buttons, and wait a few moments.

The phone search software will work by scanning multiple databases with millions of profiles. Then, you’ll get the result if the software finds the number owner or not.

It’s just easy, fast and a reliable address verification service. Its work in real time and not in days like the traditional loop ways.

How does it work?

Unlike the free address search ways, this tool is premium and it comes with exclusive databases. That means a huge number of profiles in the US that take the search to the next level.

The difference with other tools like White Pages and Yellow Pages is the accuracy and the beautiful interface. When you find yourself unable to find the phone number owner with other tools, this one will work in 95% of the number in the United States.

The tool works by scanning multiple databases at once. Then, it collects information and stores them from online sources and websites. The software works by finding social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and more. Then, the tools organize the data, so, anyone can read the information easily.

Unlike any other telephone directory website or tool, this one finds the hard numbers. In other words, the tool, find unlisted phone numbers that you can’t identify with other tools. Additionally, the software identifies business phone numbers and show you the actual street address with other information.

What do you get in the report?

When you start the search, you get the below information in your report.

  • The owners of the phone number (first name, last name…)
  • The current street address of the phone owner
  • The phone company or carrier
  • The phone number, type, landline or mobile
  • Find the previous street address
  • Find the correct address on the map

Please note that there is no service on the web that can find 100% of the phone numbers. So, you’ll find the majority of numbers you’re looking for. But the good news is that the software tells you if there is a result for the number or not. That way, you only pay for the real report that exists with the exact phone number you searching for.

The website provides a useful and exclusive service to opt-out from the databases. Of course, you can opt out from their databases easily, and you can do that in your member area after creating your account. If you don’t wish to list your phone number in the database, you can remove your number easily with a few clicks. (By the way, no other service offers this feature).

The Phone Detective premium membership lets you search for unlimited phone numbers. The premium subscriptions for one year come with multiple options and more features. No one will know if you’ve searched for him. So, your privacy is protected when you search for any phone number with them.

Furthermore, you can ask them to help if you can’t find the street address of the phone number you’re searching for. The services come with a professional customer support that can help with that (if possible).

Find the current street address

This is the real difference, unlike any other ways to verify a street address, this one provides up to date street address. The website uses advanced scanning technologies to find if the phone number relates to a new street address or not. Then, the software adds the new updated address to that exact cell phone or landline number.

In many cases, people find multiple addresses, but they find the actual street address at the top. That way, they know which street address is the correct one. Additionally, they can find the old street addresses for the phone number and that’s a great feature.


The recommended tool lets you verify anyone’s street address by using his cell number or whatever you have as details. You can find the owner name, last name, actual address, and even previous addresses. It’s all in one tool to search people online and find them easily.

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