How to write a blog post in WordPress easily

If you just created your blog, selected your best WordPress web hosting, and created a good-looking theme, then, the first question to ask is how to write a blog post in WordPress.

You’re not alone, it’s the first question to ask when a new blogger wants to start, things seem difficult at first, but you will find your way if you understand this post.

I’ll show you how to write a blog post in WordPress without editing HTML, and any other code. You need to write a simple text and you’ll get all the text editor options in your dashboard, using simple tips and a plugin.

The biggest problem that new blogger finds is when clicking that famous “new post” link. Things will be much more complicated when you find yourself with two types of text, Visual, and Text. Now stop thinking about problems and follow me:

Before starting your first blog post, install this plugin to make things easier  than you imagine:

Login to your WordPress admin page, login and click on ”Plugins”, then ”Add New” as below:

How to Write a Blog Post in WordPress

Now, you get a search box to find a new plugin in the WordPress plugins directory. Your first plugin that will be your best friend is the one that will let you edit text, add bold, size, and all the text editing options you need, in the search box. Add ”TinyMCE Advanced” and then, click the “search plugins” button as below:

Writing a blog post

You will get a list of plugins with a similar name, but the first one will be the exact search as “TinyMCE Advanced”, click the “Install Now” link like the next screenshot, then click activate.

Install plugin

Then activate your plugin, by clicking ”activate”.

Activate WordPress plugin

The plugin is activated and functional, it adds many options to the default WordPress text editor. For example, you can adjust the text, bold words, and add links and images with a simple click. Best of all, you don’t have to edit any HTML codes.

Writing your first WordPress post

Now, all the problems with editing your text are solved with the above plugin, let’s start writing your first WordPress blog post. It will be simple as before, just click ”posts”, then ”add new” as below:

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add new post

Next, you have the blog post page with your text editor and many options.

Using WordPress text editor

As you can see, the plugin that you’ve installed added options and text editor functions, to make things easy for you. Write your text directly in the WordPress editor and you will love it. It’s easy, simple, and you don’t need to copy and paste from other sources. But, if you have a text and you need to bring it to your post. Just use the copy and paste option, as normal text with Microsoft Word, or any other text editor.

Make sure to add a grammar checker tool to Word, don’t just use the default editor and think you are fixing your writing issues. You’ll miss lots of mistakes like punctuation, grammar, etc…

You can preview your post before publishing, just click the “Preview” button and a new window will be opened with your blog post. If you think that you can tell the world about your post, just click the “Publish” blue button, and all is done.

Another important thing is to set your blog posts search engine friendly, and you really make things easier for Google crawlers to better understand your content. By default, WordPress gives your post a unique ID with your blog address, it’s in this form

To make that default non-friendly URL, you need to add your blog post title to the end of that URL instead of numbers. To do that, click “settings”, then “permalinks” as this:

edit permalinks

The final step is to select your blog post URL as ”post name” like the following screenshot:

set WordPress links

You just used the best URL structure for your blog, all your post URL will be as:

I hope that you’ve learned how to write a blog post in WordPress, if you need more tutorials, check our other posts, or simply, ask any question in your mind, and don’t forget to subscribe to stay updated and get free tips.

If you need to add more text editor options, you can just click ”settings”, then, ”TinyMCE Advanced” and drag and drop any option.

set TinyMCE Advanced plugin

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