iPage vs HostGator Web Hosting Comparison

For many years, web hosting has been easy to find, to select, and to build a business with. But later, things become harder, especially in terms of comparisons of the server features, and of course the prices.

In today’s post, I’ll compare iPage to HostGator, as they are two popular hosting providers with millions of customers.

The big issue here is how your website needs can get the right resources and speed, without paying more money. There are thousands of reviews about iPage and Hostgator, and not all of them are honest.

iPage compared to Hostgator

Server resources

When I first started with shared web hosts, I noticed the big promises and the unlimited resources that everyone was talking about. But later, things looked completely different, here is the case, Hostgator as iPage started alerting customers when they got some hundreds of visitors per day.

Please notice here that the disk space and also the monthly bandwidth is not unlimited there, and of course, the company will terminate your account without any notice.

On the other side, iPage offers unlimited resources, such as disk space, bandwidth, and the hosted domains, but that’s not always true, nothing is unlimited. However, HostGator is better in speed and security, so, it wins the competition.

That’s all with a free domain name, the difference here is that this company doesn’t disturb you with alerts and notices that you don’t need. It’s a different kind of web hosting with better customer support and features.

You’ll find that other people are recommending Hostgator, but I’m only talking about truths and not promises, iPage a better and a cheaper web hosting at the same time.

iPage vs HostGator on Prices

For only $3.5 per month, you get unlimited web hosting with iPage of the yearly plan, the more years you sign up for, the cheaper, you’ll host.

On the other side, Hostgator prices are more expensive for the same period, for the yearly hosting, they charge you $9.56 and that’s nearly triple the iPage hosting cost.

The first plan of Hostgator offers limited hosting for a single domain, and even, that’s expensive compared to iPage. The winner hosting here is iPage, they have cheaper prices with more features and an easier sign-up process.

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iPage vs HostGator on shared hosting limitations

It’s really vital for a website or a blog to get the resources and the speed that they need. For that reason, installing a caching plugin for your WordPress website or any other software is important.

The cache system lets your visitors getting faster web pages, and you’ll save bandwidth and resources. HostGator was not allowing a caching plugin, and even, if they do, they’ll bombard your inbox with alerts about the resources.

The bigger problem here is that Hostgator lets you backup your website every day, but guess what? When you want to restore that data, they’ll ask you for extra fees without any notice.

So, you get nothing as a backup, as you’ll pay multiple times the cost of a regular backup service with any other trusted web hosting provider.

iPage vs Hostgator Web Hosting

Unlike Hostgator, iPage is a real friendly shared web hosting, it’s a service that understands your needs without being aggressive in costs and limitations.

The customer support comparison

Both companies offer support by phone, live chat, and tickets, So, you don’t have to worry about the support here. However, the iPage customer support is faster, especially with the live chat and the phone.

With Hostgator, you get help, but not the same way as iPage. They’re more friendly, better, and faster at once.

So, if you don’t need support and you know what you do, then, both companies will work. But if you think you’ll need help, then, only, iPage is what you’re looking for.

Server security

HostGator is known for the high number of hacked websites, their security system is not that strong as they talk about. On the other side, iPage has a stronger security system with daily malware and virus scanning.

Also, they offer a complete security suite that secures every website and email. Best of all, the whole data center is protected by a high level of business protection, and every connection is fully scanned and protected.

What about VPS and dedicated servers?

The two companies offer hosting plans for VPS, and dedicated servers. However, the iPage plans are cheaper with the same resources as Hostgator. So, you’ll just pay higher with Hostgator without any additional features or resources.

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iPage or Hostgator?

I’ll make it simple and easy for you, if you’re a blogger or a business owner who looks for affordable and reliable web hosting, then, HostGator is the right solution.

You’ll get unlimited web hosting with unlimited domains to host. And of course, that’s all with amazing features and a cheap cost.

That way, you save money and you get exactly what your website or blog needs as resources. Also, you get advertising credits with Google and Bing, and also a free toll-free phone number for your business.

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