Now you can make money with Google Helpouts just for helping people around the world. This is the latest service by Google. At the same time, if you need help for anything you want, you can get Help out in real-time, and from your computer directly with real people.

What is Google Helpouts

It’s a new program from Google that allows people to teach the others and share their skills or knowledge, and make money from that. That’s a new brand idea from the giant Google.

Are you a musician, artist, teacher, or simply a normal person who can teach the others how to make and create things? Or maybe you have skills in cooking, health, nutrition, electronics and others? So, you can make money with Google Helpouts and start today. What you need is only a computer or a mobile device with webcam and internet connection.

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For now, Google Helpouts is a new business that meets people from all continents, to share their skills. At the same time, this service will help others to learn and find what they are looking for, with real people, and in real-time through their webcams.

If you’re an electronic expert, for example, you can start making money today. All you have to do is to create an account and set your Helpouts time, date and price. So, people can meet you online at the exact time that you wish. Google lets you set your own price per help, but, you can also help people for free, if you want.

How does it work?

To join this program, you have to be at least 18 years old, or have a parent permission if your age is between 13 and 18 years. Then, you can request an invitation code with your Google account, and wait to receive your personal invitation. Of course, this is good to verify real people and make sure that people will get real helps.

Make Money with Google Helpouts

When you get your invitation code, you can set up your account. You need to setup things like, your help category, and you can set your own fixed price per Helpouts, or, you can set your price per minute, the choice is yours. That’s what makes the service friendly and professional, at the same time.

I highly recommend reading the Google Helpouts terms of services. You will get a clear idea about how to use their service, and avoid any legal issue, it’s better for all.

For the payment system, you can use the Google Wallet, or any other payment services after registration. You can start browsing some categories and you will find that many people are offering their help for free, and others who set a price to their Helpouts. The reason for that is that new members will start offering free helps to test their services, and make it as a first exercise.

If you need help in any category that you want, such as education, computer or health, you can create the same account with Google and purchase your Helpouts. First, you need to browse Helpouts by categories, and by the provider, then, make sure to select your Helpouts with a time and date that you can reach.

At the top of your account, you will find your upcoming and past Helpouts. Thus, will help you repurchase new helpouts that you need, without searching for them.

The great thing is that Google offers a 100% money back guarantee. So, when you find that a help is not really as you expected, you can request your money back, directly to your Helpout provider. If you’re not happy with that, you can request it directly to Google Helpouts, but, you need to enable the helpout recording. The recording option lets Google taking it as proof later, to verify the quality of  helpouts.

At the end, of your helpout, both, you and, the provider will receive a record copy from Google.

Google Helpouts

If you can teach people from your computer, you can make more money if your Helpouts receives good reputation and rating. People can rate your help out and encourage others to purchase it, so, make sure to give your customers all the help that they need, and make the conversation friendly. That will build a good relation with people first, and second, will promote all your helpouts and bring more money.


Google Helpouts is a great new idea that lets you make money when you help people from your home, and get new customers. But please, keep in mind that this service is built to help people first, so, do your best to get positive feedback and good rating for your Helpout.

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