Monetize Blogspot Comments and Make Money with your Blog

If you have a Blogspot blog and you want to monetize it easily, without doing a hard job, then, all you have to do is to install a simple JavaScript code from your Shorte account. The more click you get in the comments section, the more money you will make.

If you don’t have an idea about that company, and what they are doing, then, it’s a trusted company with passionate people who wants to help you earn extra cash with your blog. It’s one of the best URL shortening services with thousands of advertisers, and you can turn your traffic into an extra cash.

How to monetize your Google Blogger comments?

Before starting, you need to create a free account with Shorte. They have high quality advertisers and you will never see spam ads like many other services. The company is trusted and I recommend their URL shortening monetization method for people who need to generate extra cash, easily without affecting their readership trust and the user experience.

There are many monetization ways for WordPress, and even, a simple and static HTML site. But, they’ve added Blogger platform to their network later, to let the Google blog platform users, benefits from their awesome services.

Now, that you’ve created your account with Shorte, login and click “Tools” in the main menu, then, select the option “Earn on Blogspot Comments”, as the following example.

Make money with Blogger

Next, you will get your personal code to use, copy that code to use later in your Blogger blog.

Shorte code

How to insert the comments monetization code in Blogger

To add your code, and make money every time a visitor click on your comment links, you need to login to your Blogger dashboard first. Find the blog that you want to monetize and, click on “Template” as the next screenshot.

Monetize Blogspot comments

Now, click “Edit HTML” in the new page.

Monetize a Blogger blog

Now, that you have the HTML source code for your Blogger blog, you need to find the HTML body section and, add your JavaScript before its closing. Don’t worry if you can’t find that exact location, just use your keyboard and type Ctrl+F keys and search for

Adding Shorte code in Blogger

Now, click the “Save Template” button and the changes will be applied.

When people comment on your posts, they generally add links pointing to their blogs or whatever. These comments will be monetized and the users will be redirected to an intermediate short advertisement page. That takes 5 seconds from their time, and you make some money from every click.

As any other URL shortening links, the big profit comes to blogs with huge traffic from the US and Canada. The more traffic you have from these countries, the more average per click you will earn. If you have traffic from other countries, you still earn but with fewer earnings.

Also, you can use this service and monetization method service to make money with your regular blog links. If you have lots of external links that people click many times, such as, the download links, you will notice extra dollars per day (with good traffic).

As you can see, this is a brand new way to make money with your blog comments. However, as any other monetization way, the traffic is the only way to succeed. If you have lots of comments with a good amount of traffic, then, expect some good revenue.

If you have a blog with little traffic, forget that matter, and focus on your content, instead. Nothing will happen without traffic, and it takes time to build the content that bring the real traffic that you need.

If you need premium monetization ways, such affiliate programs, you can read top affiliate programs to make money. Find the best program for your niche and promote it in your posts, and social network accounts, especially, if you have thousands of followers. If you have other suggestions for Blogspot users to monetize their blogs, you can add them in your comment.

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