Most Accurate Premium Website SEO Checker and Analysis Tools

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There are thousands of tools, and services about SEO, but when it comes to quality and trust, you can only count on a few ones. I’ve tried the following website SEO checker tools and services and I’ll show you what they offer and what you get as features.

You can use them to find how your competitors are doing to rank well and better than you. Also, you can use these services to look for new keywords that are easy to rank for, depending on your niche and website score.

Top trusted paid tools for SEO analytics

1. SEMRush

This is the oldest premium quality SEO analysis software. It’s a big company with lots of tools, options, and you can generate reports instantly. SEMRush is a complete website analytics software that works faster than the others. What you need is your domain name, add it and start a full site audit. The software crawls every web page on your website and reports the status code with details.

  • SEO ideas

This is what will help drive more traffic to your blog. The SEMRush SEO ideas system checks the articles on your site and comes up with ideas and ways to improve the ranking of the page for different keywords.

SEO ideas

  • Backlink Audit

With thousands of spammers and automated tools to link to your site, it becomes a big problem to fight spam. Luckily, SEMRush offers a backlink audit tool that scans all your external and internal links and shows you the one with high risk. Then, you can add these spam links to the disavow file and upload it to your Google webmaster center to ignore them.

Please be careful when you disavow links, it can be harmful to your traffic if you don’t know what you do. For safe use, use only the toxic links that SEMRush lists under the links audit report.

toxic backlinks

  • Position tracking

This tool helps you find which keyword is making an improvement in ranking and what the other is losing positions. That’s the way to understand your website visibility on SERP.

  • Domain Analytics

This is the best part of the tool, it shows you everything you need as organic traffic, keywords and ads traffic. You can use this tool to find great keywords for AdWords or Bing as examples.

  • Social media tools

This is the right tool for measuring and tracking your social media accounts. The software scans your shares, followers and generates a clear report with the number of mentions, the links and how people are interacting with your shares. Additionally, you can see the growth of your social media accounts with details.

  • SERP sensor

This is the SERP volatility tool that checks thousands of keywords each day and compares their positions by date. This tool gives a clear idea about the Google algorithm updates and the latest changes. You can find this option at the bottom of your main dashboard with a graph.

SERP volatility

The greatest part about SEO is the on-page optimization. But sometimes, we may forget to add meta descriptions. For that, SemRush has a unique tool that monitors your entire website for duplicates or, missed meta descriptions. Also, it checks the site for duplicate title tags and of course, you can find the broken links.

Please note, the free version comes with a limited number of checks, however, you can use it for the first time to test the site. The premium account comes with powerful tools that you’ll love.

2. Moz

Moz is a great premium SEO software you can use to find backlinks and the domain trust online. However, they don’t provide services and tools like SemRush. Moz still one of the best ways to check any web page for referring domain, backlinks, and SEO in general.

The Open Site Explorer is one of the best tools with MOZ. It’s fast, but unfortunately, a limited tool that shows you the domain backlinks and authority. If you can’t see any report, make sure you add the naked domain and you’ll see the page authority.

The Moz Pro comes with keyword research tool, access to the MozBar extension that you can install on Chrome, Firefox and more. You can give the service a try, they offer a 30-day trial that’s fully functional. That way, you can add your domain and see what you can get as data that helps.

3. Ahrefs

This is a complete backlink checker and also a competitor research tool that combines many options. You can get the keyword data for any domain, with new and lost keywords. Also, you can see the link profile distribution with anchor text, referring domain and their authority score. Even better, Ahrefs has faster a crawling with thousands of CPU cores and lots of optimizations.

It’s recommended by the top internet marketers and you can give it a try for 14 days. It’s a new way to find new keywords, new opportunities and lots of optimization for your blog or site.

Ahrefs has a great broken link checker tool, it shows you whether the links are broken or not responding with the correct status code.

Ahrefs is also recommended if you want to go deeper with link analytics and anchor text check. I highly recommend the software for those who need bulk domain check. It works faster and better than many other tools.

The plans start from $99 per month with limited reports per day. So, you can check their pricing for more details on what you get as limits.

4. Majestic

Majestic is well-known for its domain trust and citation flow. It’s a way to rank domains and web pages based on a complex algorithm similar to the Google Page Rank. So, you can get a clear idea whether the site you look for is trusted or another spam. Additionally, there is a huge link index with this company premium subscription and you can use it to verify domains and web pages.

The site explorer makes things easier for everyone. You can see the domain’s referring pages, IP addresses and of course, the inbound links with different anchor texts.

5. WooRank

This is cheaper than the above tools but comes with limited features and different options. However, WooRank is a great option to check your website issues and fix them. The technical SEO check is what they have the best. The software scans thousands of web pages and shows you clear and easy-to-read reports. That way, you know the parts of your website that need more work.

If you have a problem with redirects and canonicalization, then, WooRank will help with suggestions and detailed reports.

The pricing starts from $49 per month and you can choose to pay per month or yearly. As the above companies, this one has a 14 day trial period to test the tools and see how you can improve your site SEO and code.


These are the best-recommended tools and services for website analytics and backlink check. They let you try their services for two weeks and see how things work. Then, you can decide to choose the right tool that works for your business. If you’ve tried other trusted software or own it, contact me for a review and I’ll add it to this list.

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