Nofollow Blog Comments: When you Should Use it?

Nofollow blog comments is a large topic to discuss with details and ideas. But, we’re all agree that the Nofollow attribute becomes a real issue for internet value and webpages. Most bloggers and website owners discourage search engines to forget their fan links. Can you ask yourself if that’s good for them? Why use Nofollow in your comment section and when exactly?

In the previous post, I talked about how to Add Nofollow to links in WordPress for the advertisement links, to stop the  page rank transfer. And in other cases to avoid Google problems with not trusted sites. Today, our topic is the Nofollow blog comments and when we can use that attribute and why.

If you’re a blog lover like me, you might notice that the majority of popular blogs, if not all of them uses the ”Nofollow attribute” in their comment section. So, people who comment there, should be treated as anything else, but never as human. I’m sure that no one loves the idea to post a comment and not being followed.

It looks a selfish action, we all now that comments are good for the blog interactions, and it helps to get more traffic. Even, blog comments can be ranked in the Google page search result.

With all these benefits, the Nofollow idea is really an issue, at the same time, Google forced us all, to add that attribute to spam comments and advertisement links. This can be right if a spammer post links, just to get traffic and page rank benefits. The Nofollow should be added to links without a doubt in that case.

When to add Nofollow?

If you have a good page rank to carry about, and you get lots of comments, you have two options:

  1. Be honest with yourself and with people and disable the “website” section in comments, you will avoid being selfish and people will love your point of view and even your blog. You still allow comments, but without links for all people.
  2. Use Nofollow for not trusted links in comments, but remove it for people you trust and you find that their comments a good content added to your post. It’s not easy to manage all that, because you have to spend more time with comments and remember people. But, it’s a good way to stay honest with people, and show them your respect, and thanks for their good comments.

If you choose one of these options, you still human as you’re, without thinking about one way benefits from people. If you spend more time with your comments, you will find great people and even site owners with higher page rank than yours.

People help through comment by explaining things, clarify others, and even, answer questions. So, why no follow these people? It’s like sending a negative signal to Google that their sites are bad and useless.

Behind the Nofollow attribute

It’s really important to understand that until now, I’ve been using that word as all the internet users. But, in reality, there is nothing called ”NoFollow”, the real nomination should be “not trusted link” or “don’t pass page rank” or something similar. Crawlers follow these links even with “Nofollow”, but sure Google follows some of them, their official answer is:

In general, we don’t follow them.

This means that they follow them (behind the answer), or, if you want, they follow some of them. The question now is: Do you believe that?

Of course, most of us, love Google for the great work that they’re doing. But, when it comes to its own secrets of success, you should never expect clear answers. Google existence is based on exploring new web pages, if it stops following all the Nofollow links, you will never find fresh results.

This is why the answer still unclear for logical reason. Google can’t play with its own business, which is following new links to find new pages. It’s the link exploration that makes search engines alive.

If we think about the ”Nofollow”, it’s like a mistake that Google or people made, and they’re now unable to find a solution for it. Google declared many times that the reason to add that attribute is to stop spammers, is that a reason? Why not adding a program that detect spammers like the Akismet plugin in WordPress?

The main, and real answer to use that attribute is to stop passing the page rank for not trusted links. It’s the single and the only reason, so my hope is that Larry Page correct the ”No Follow” issue and work again on his page rank formula, to add another factor, that can sop the page rank lose for trusted sites.

It’s not impossible, if they built the Giant Google in the last 15 years. They can add another parameter to the Page rank formula, and make things human. I see that many bloggers and site owners are stopped creating good content and focusing on ”no follow” links that Google caused.

nofollow blog comments

It’s really a bad idea to complicate things and add hard work for people, instead of creating a powerful algorithm, to solve the page rank problems, and stop counting spam links without treating all people as spammers.

At the other way, The search engine Yandex is testing its new algorithm, without being based only on links. It’s really a good news for search engines. This is what Google should do, the page rank and the ”No follow” attribute is killing the good content day after day. And, makes treating bloggers like a number and not a human. What you think about the ”No Follow” links?

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