Percentage of Internet Content for Users by Language

Percentage of Internet Content for Users by Language

What percentage of the Internet is in English? And what are the most used languages on the WEB? I did the research for you and you don’t have to calculate. So, I’ll show you the Internet content by language usage with other details. Bloggers and webmasters, and online businesses in general, need some useful information … Read this

speed up your WordPress site

3 Easy Steps to Speed Up your WordPress Site

To speed up your WordPress website and get a better search engine ranking, you need to make your blog as fast as possible. You should optimize the loading time and make it in seconds, to do that, you don’t have to edit your theme or add new functions. Instead, you have to apply the next … Read this

Tips to Create and Succeed an Online Business

10 Tips to Create and Succeed an Online Business

Probably you’ve browsed some blogs or websites before coming here, your goal is to find a recipe to succeed in your online business. But first, you should know that there is no such thing called ”secret” to a successful business. But, you can succeed if you think, and make the relevant changes before starting. This … Read this

How to start your own blog and make money

How to Start your Own Blog on WordPress and Make Money

Starting a new blog and especially for beginners is not an easy task to do. At the same time, it’s not hard if you follow some tips and tutorials to build and protect your site from the first day. Then, you can start creating posts and articles and building your audience and things will be better … Read this

Fastest web hosting companies for WordPress

Fastest Web Hosting Companies for WordPress

Lots of web hosts spend millions on advertising campaigns to attract more customers, and professional bloggers won’t easily sign up for their hosting plans without verifying that what they get is real fast WordPress hosting. So, for that reason, I’ll help you with this list of the best WordPress web hosts with super fast loading … Read this

Google project Loon

Google Project Loon: Access to the Internet through Nalloons

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, but that does not mean that they will forget other businesses around the globe. Two-thirds of the world’s population don’t yet have Internet access. It’s not only an economic problem, but it’s a technological issue also. Google launched the new project called “Loon” and now it’s in … Read this