How to Backup WordPress Blog Automatically with Dropbox

How to Backup WordPress Blog Automatically with Dropbox

You can find multiple ways to backup your WordPress blog automatically. But, most of those methods require additional fees, and even, plans. In one of my last posts, I’ve talked about the steps for starting a blog and I recommended some tips to secure your WordPress blog. In this post, I will show you how to … Read this

best plugins to manage wordpress ads

Best Ad Management Plugins for WordPress

To find the best ad management plugins for WordPress, you need to browse lots of blogs and forums. In most cases, you end with low-quality plugins that break your theme or hat cause problems. So, I’ve just selected the best advertising management plugins for any WordPress blog. You can use them to insert any type … Read this

best trusted Wordpress Plugins

Must Have WordPress Plugins for Every Website

If you’ve just created your first WordPress site, you have to add plugins to extend and add more functions to your website. But, the challenge is to select trusted and verified plugins that can add value to your business. That can be done when you spend the time searching on WordPress, for example, but, I … Read this

Creating multiple blogs: what you should know

Creating multiple blogs: what you should know before starting

If you already run a blog, you might think as many others about creating multiple blogs and receive huge traffic from search engines. In this post, I’ll show you why this is a mistake that will end your business with failure. Actually, I hope that you’re not at that stage, and you just start thinking about … Read this

How to create your own affiliate program

How to create your own affiliate program and what you need exactly

To create your own affiliate program and make money as all the successful sellers, you have to start from simple steps, and then expect success. I’ve created this article to help you find the best and easy ways to start without being confused about many ideas. Before starting You have to understand your business and … Read this

moved from Woothemes to Genesis framework

Just Moved from WooThemes to Genesis Framework

This website was launched in September 2013, and from the first day, I’ve noticed that the Woothemes designs use lots of codes and Java Scripts in the theme, this caused some problems, especially, for Google Chrome. At the same time, Woothemes is a good framework for WordPress that makes your blog unique and beautiful. So, I … Read this