Creating multiple blogs: what you should know

Creating multiple blogs: what you should know before starting

If you already run a blog, you might think, like many others, about creating multiple blogs and receiving huge traffic from search engines. In this post, I’ll show you why this is a mistake that will end your business with failure. Actually, I hope that you’re not at that stage, and you just started thinking about … Read this

How to create your own affiliate program

How to Create Your Own Affiliate Program and What You Need Exactly?

To create your own affiliate program and make money as all the successful sellers, you have to start with simple steps, and then expect success. I’ve created this article to help you find the best and easiest ways to start without being confused about many ideas. Before starting You have to understand your business and … Read this

Just moved from WooThemes to Genesis framework

Just Moved from WooThemes to Genesis Framework

This website was launched in September 2013, and from the first day, I noticed that the Woothemes designs use lots of codes and Java Scripts in the theme. This caused some problems, especially for Google Chrome. At the same time, Woothemes is a good framework for WordPress that makes your blog unique and beautiful. So, I tried to … Read this

affiliate marketing niches

Top 4 Affiliate Marketing Niches to Make Money

To find affiliate niches and make money without being scammed, you have to promote only programs that you personally use or trust, for good reasons. I’ve selected affiliate marketing niches that you can promote and earn extra income, but, keep in mind that you have to work hard to succeed. Everything needs lots of traffic to give … Read this

Is Alexa average load time correct

Is Alexa Average Load Time Correct?

Most, if not all bloggers install the famous Alexa toolbar in their browsers to test their blogs and sites, and to put eyes on page loading time. But, is Alexa toolbar the ideal tool for page speed? For now, the tool is used essentially to find the site traffic. This is the first function that … Read this

tips to choose and register a domain name

Tips to Choose and Register a Domain Name for your Website

Before to start creating your blog, or website, you should first, start searching for the best and relevant domain name that will help to rank your blog posts later. Your domain name is not your site web address only, but, it’s your brand and business. To make sure that you register the best domain name, you … Read this