Google project Loon

Google Project Loon: Access to the Internet through Nalloons

Google is the biggest search engine in the world, but that does not mean that they will forget other businesses around the globe. Two-thirds of the world’s population don’t yet have Internet access. It’s not only an economic problem, but it’s a technological issue also. Google launched the new project called “Loon” and now it’s in … Read this

10 professional and premium magazine WordPress themes

10 Professional and Premium Magazine WordPress Themes

I’ve selected 10 of the best premium WordPress themes that you can use for your magazine blog. They come with professional functions, and you can customize any part of your site. This will make your blog unique and different from other blogs, just customize it as you can, with the powerful control panel of these … Read this

Top 10 Unanswerable Questions on the Internet

Top 10 Unanswerable Questions on the Internet

Billions of people are asking questions, every day, they use the internet to find answers. But sometimes, they can’t find a clear or definitive answer to some questions, simply because those questions are hard to answer. Or, nobody will give you an answer 100% True and with proof. The search engine Ask published in 2010 a … Read this

best places to sell WordPress themes online

5 Best Places to Sell WordPress Themes Online

To sell templates online and make money, you need to find good and trusted websites where you can list your designs in total security and, most importantly, get paid. In this post, I’ll suggest a great list of 5 places to sell WordPress themes online without payment problems. But first, you need to create professional … Read this

Make money with ClickSure promoting affiliate products

Make Money with ClickSure Promoting Affiliate Products

ClickSure marketplace is one of the best internet places where people earn extra income. Some are selling their own products online, and others are promoting affiliate programs from popular websites. The problem here is how to find a good and trusted affiliate marketplace and how to choose good products to promote. Before starting, you should … Read this

Set your preferred domain name in Google Search Console

How Set a Preferred Domain Name in Google Search Console

Your domain name is the first thing that you need to set up, before creating your blog or site. That will affect your indexed pages if you forget to configure it. Your website domain has two versions www.yourdomain.comand without the (www). People forget sometimes that Google will index their pages for different domains, this … Read this