Google is the biggest  search engine in the world, but that does not mean that they will forget other businesses around the globe. Two-thirds of the world’s population don’t yet have Internet access. It’s not only an economic problem, but it’s a technological issue also. Google launched the new project called “Loon” and now it’s in testing and development mode.

What’s the Google Project Loon?

Project Loon is a physical method to link all places in the world to internet access. Even, if you’re in the sea or desert, you will have internet access in the near future. The project is simple in basics but complicated in technology, it works as below:

Google will send balloons to the atmosphere, these balloons will  travel around 20 km above the Earth’s surface in the stratosphere. They will turn around the earth with the power of winds, these balloons will connect to each other and will be connected to the building also, this will be done through a special Internet antenna. It’s like satellite connections, but, with much more flexibility and functions.

Project Loon

Project look began in June 2013 with a pilot test in New Zeeland, for now, there are over 30 balloons for testing more and others in development mode. This project will be launched officially with thousands  of balloons.

Google’s loon project will solve human problems after disasters or big problems, people will reconnect to the internet shortly. At the same time, this global project will bring new technologies and ideas.

The big challenge is not the technical ways to connect people all over the world, but also to find the real protection to avoid intercepting waves and make things easier to hack. At the same time, if a project is launched by Google.

This means that they will spend the necessary time, testing, updating and adding more performance to this project. That will take some time and work, but, will bring good results at the same time.

The drone is another similar idea developed by Facebook to make the Internet accessible no mater where you are on this planet. Of course, it’s not the same technology used by Google, but, it’s also a great idea that lets people who can’t access the web, to find a real way to enter the virtual world even if they’re living in a desert.

The idea seems only developed to help people, but if you look in-depth, you will find that they are simply trying to explore new market that has millions of people. They will be their customers later, or at least their visitors.

I hope that both, Google and Facebook can really succeed their projects without technical problems, connecting the word to the internet is not easy at all. It needs millions of dollars first, then long time to make the infrastructure and to find the right people who make the project works.

Project loon pilot tester

If you’re in New Zeeland and wish help Google and  become a Project Loon pilot tester, you can sign up from the Google loon project.

Google is focusing on developing this technology, they use special antenna and sheets of polyethylene plastic. Until now, there is no exact date to launch the project all over the world, but when all the tests in New Zeeland  will be completed, Google will announce their results.

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