Get your Reloadable Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard

Sometimes, we find that people can’t send or receive money for any reason, including, the PayPal country supporting and others. The good news is that you can get a free and reloadable prepaid MasterCard from one of the biggest, and trusted companies.

It’s a Master Cart with international benefits, such as sending and receiving money anywhere. The best thing is that you get also a free US bank account, to receive payments from American companies. There is also a European bank account.

If you have an idea about starting a business and you can’t pay or get paid with other payment processors, then the Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard is what you need. It supports up to $10,000 on it. Furthermore, you can withdraw your money at any ATM worldwide that supports MasterCard.

If you compare this smart card with the others, you will find the difference. It’s better, more flexible, and you don’t have to prepare lots of papers to get it. All you have to do is to submit a scanned copy of one of your National ID, Driver’s License, or Passport.

How to get a prepaid MasterCard?

Nothing is complicated or needs skills, just signup, add your details, and you will receive your Master Card in less than 30 days. Don’t forget to use your primary email, you will get a notification when your application is approved.

With this international prepaid credit card, you are able to get paid from any US-based company and get paid directly from card owners. Also, you can withdraw money to your local bank and pay online like any other MasterCard. But, this time, you use the card with extended functions that you can’t find in any other place.

Why is this a powerful Prepaid Card?

Payoneer is not only the best place where to get a prepaid debit card, but also, it’s one of the few trusted U.S companies that give you a US bank account to receive found from big companies. Of course, you can receive money directly to your card, en even, you can send money with private loading.

Also, you can also link the card to PayPal using this top-rated prepaid card with lots of reviews that prove its quality.

If you’re an affiliate marketer or a normal person who uses Affiliate networks, then The Payoneer Card will solve lots of issues, and complicated operations. You get a secure prepaid card with a bank account, and you get paid in a few hours.

Generally, you receive payments in just two hours whatever the senders are. But, if you want to receive the money using your U.S, or European bank account, the average time is 2 or 3 days.


If you’re a business owner and want to pay your employees, directly to their card, you can send mass payments in a few clicks, and in a very secure process. Your employees will love your new trusted payment system, and you can also, send them their own cards, with your company logo.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay for their cards. Even more, you get $25 for every new card that you send to an employee or a friend. Can you find these features at zero cost in any other payment processor?

Who is paying with Payoneer Master Card?

This is the easiest MasterCard to get, and Payoneer is trusted by the most popular and biggest worldwide companies, including, but, not limited to the following list of approved merchants.

Microsoft Corporation, Apple Inc, Google Inc. (and its subsidiaries, including AdMob), Yahoo! Inc, eBay Inc, Intel Corporation, PayPal Inc. (Important Note: Transfers from PayPal to Payoneer are allowed, but transfers from the US Payment Service to PayPal are automatically declined), Nokia Corporation, oDesk, Facebook Inc, Federated Media Publishing,, Inc, 4Most LLC, ABC Business Consulting, Acclaro Inc, AdWork Media Group, Airbnb, Airpush Inc, Alamy Inc, Inc. (and its subsidiaries, including CreateSpace, a DBA of On-Demand Publishing, LLC.), AmeriDoc, Amway Corporation, AOL, Apollo Group, Inc, Appen Butler Hill Inc, Appia, Arke Systems, AT&T, Author Solutions Inc. dba BookTango, Autodesk Inc, Avant Marketing,, Barnes & Noble, Black Ops Marketing, BMI Foundation Inc, BookQuest (Barnes & Noble Inc.), Bright Market LLC / Fast Spring, Inc, Catapult,, Chartboost, Inc, ChaseData Corporation, Corporate Voice, CPX Interactive, DeepSleepStudio LLC, Detroit Trading Company, Deja Mi, Inc, Digital River Inc. (and its subsidiaries, including SWReg), DotNetNuke Corp, Dzone, E-Trade Financial Corporation, Eagle Web Assets Inc, Elance Inc, Escrow Services (Internet Escrow Services), Espreeva, LLC dba Fanggle, Etsy, Inc, Eventbrite, Exygy LLC, Florist Transworld Delivery, Inc (FTD), Forever Living Products, Getty Images Inc, GoodTherapy.Org, Inc, Helium, Homeaway, Impact Radius, Indeed Inc, Inflection LLC, InfoArmy, Inmobi, Internet Brands Inc, Intuit Inc, Jola Interactive, LLC, Keynetics Inc. (Click Bank), Kontera, LeapForce Inc, Lifestreet, Lightning Source/ Ingram Content Group Inc, Lingualinx Language Solutions, Inc, LinkedIn Corporation, Linkshare, Lionbridge Technologies, Inc, LSI Corporation, Marble Ocean, Medley Inc, Medsys Group, Millennial Media, Mobooka LLC, Mochi Media Inc, MyFonts, Neofill, Offermobi, Omnipresent SEO, One Source,, PeekYou, Penson Financial Services Inc, Pepperjam Inc, Pointclick, Quotient Integrated solutions, Research in Motion Limited (BlackBerry RIM), RR Donnelley, Setuno Inc dba Shopping Cart Elite, Inc, Skrill (MoneyBookers USA), Smaato, Sons Company, Spreadshirt, Inc, Square Domain Inc, Square Inc, Stripe Inc, Sweetlabs Inc, TD Ameritrade, Texas Biz Solutions, The Fish Sniffer, The Pep Boys, ThinkMedia, Ticketmaster, TopSpin Media Inc, TrialPay, TSYS, TuneCore, Inc, Unity Technologies, ValueClick Inc. (Commission Junction), Velti/, Viva Movil LLC, Volkswagen Group of America Inc, Inc, Workforce Language Services LLC, Workforce Language Services LLC.

As you can see, the biggest companies use this easy to use a prepaid card, to send payments through flexible and secure features.

Make $25 offering free Payoneer prepaid MasterCard

The only requirement to invite people and make $25 per referral is to join the Payoneer affiliate program with an invitation.

The first thing to do after getting your card is to grab your affiliate link. Then, send it to your family members and friends. They’re the first who will join, and you get $25 per approved card.

Best of all, people who join from your invitation link will get also $25 after receiving, or sending, at least, $100. It’s a win-win situation, you tell them about the most powerful MasterCard.

So, they will be able to receive and send money worldwide without problems. And both, you, and they get a gift to be a new member and use the Card.

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